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Re: Restore RMAN backup from another location

From: Li-Shan Cheng <>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 06:57:56 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Yea I was doing it with Windows and I did end up mapping the drives. I asked the guys to partition the disk or even add more disks so I can get E and F drive, they didnt do it, I had to partition myself and I found out no free disk space to get a F drive!

However I thought there must be some way in RMAN to do this.... :-S


LSC On 2/7/06, Stahlke, Mark <> wrote:
> I gather you are doing this in Windows. If so, then the easiest thing to
> do is map a drive letter to the disk drive that contains the RMAN backup
> file. Make sure the rest of the directory path matches the original backup
> file spec.
> For example:
> Original backup file was F:\oracle\backup\some_backup_file_name
> Put backup file in C:\oracle\backup\some_backup_file_name
> Map the F: drive to the C: drive and life will be good
> The one time I had to do this I had an additional complication. My CDROM
> drive was using the drive letter (D:) I needed. I had to reconfigure the
> CDROM to be the F: drive.
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> *Subject:* Restore RMAN backup from another location
> Hi
> I was wondering how to restore an Oracle 9i RMAN backup from a location
> where it was not backed up to.
> For example I backed up the database to F:\, I then take this backup to
> another Server where there is no F Drive, how do I tell RMAN in the new
> server he should look in a different location to restore? There is no
> problems with controlfiles and archive logs since we can specify the
> location but I cant find a way for normal backup sets.
> There is a way in 9i which is to backup an existing backup set to another
> location, not really the desired way.
> In 10g we can use the catalog command to change the location.
> Anyone know any other smarter way in 9i?
> Cheers

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