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Re: ** x-windows for oracle installation

Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 12:46:10 -0700
Message-id: <>

It would appear that you have a less-than-complete install of Cygwin. That error message tells me that you are missing one or more shell interpreters. (You can probably find out by looking at the first line of /usr/X11R6/bin/

In the past, I have found Cygwin to be adequate, although I have had trouble with it of late, especially with the 10.0.1 OUI (which is used with the more recent 9i patchsets).

*My* favorite trick these days is to run Linux in a vmware virtual machine on top of Windoze. This is a *great* option these days, since vmware player is now free, and you can download preconfigured  Linux VMs off the internet.

If you want to go this route (with which I have been entirely happy) there are a couple "tricks" you may need to apply to your virtual machine's network configuration. (But they're not a big deal.)

Let me know if you want details.

> Thanks Nirmalya and Steiner for your help.
> Do I need to do any installation on UNIX server? I assume not.
> When I start cygwin from my PC I get the prompt : bash-3.00$.
> pwd gives : /cygdrive/c/cygwin/bin
> i tried startx but it gave error : command not found
> /usr/X11R6/bin/ : bad interpreter. no such file
> i tried xhost <ipofunixserver> : command not found
> Maybe
> When you install cygwin, make sure you install the xwindows
> options. Then from cygwin run /usr/X11R6/bin/
> Then type xhost ip address of your oracle server. From your
> oracle server export DISPLAY=your pc address.
> Nirmalya Das <> wrote:
> All you have to do is:
> 1. open a cygwin window
> 2. startx
> Quoting A Joshi :
> > Hi,
> > In order to get x-windows for oracle installation, I am trying to
> > use CYGWIN and it gives error : could not find xterm. Does anyone
> > have experience with using CYGWIN or is there another
> alternative?
> > Long term we are looking to buy exceed/hummingbird but till then
> I
> > need an working alternative. I am connecting from a XP to a SUnos
> > 2.8. Thanks for your help.
> >
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