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Re: Looking for a Script to list tables,its indexes and sizing info

From: Tony Jambu <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 00:33:31 +1100
Message-Id: <>

Few myths and stories about ASM.

Does anyone remember 2 specific propaganda/marketing lines like

  1. ASM will load balance hot spots
  2. ASM provides better performance than 3rd party offerings (no names were mentioned but it was hinted to be from the big V)

Now the facts

  1. It did not in 10gR2 nor 10gR2. They have since stopped saying that it will offer load balancing of data hot spots. I asked this Q of one of the key players who was involved in the development of ASM and she/he would not say much until much coaxing, and then adminted that it was not in ASM at the moment and they might introduce it later.
  2. Better than 3rd party offerings? Have you heard that lately from Oracle? Nope. In fact they had it on some of their slides and information and if I an not mistaken, you might be able to find some old presentations with that claim. Within a month or so of making that claim, Oracle had to withdrawn that claim. They found that the comparisons were not apples to apples. They did not use best practice for the 3rd party's implementation.

Now the real question. Would you trust Microsoft to sell you version one of your engine management system for your car or version one guidance systems for a plane? . So why would you put your enterprise data on a Version one of the filesystem from a database vendor?

Would i use it? Yes and I have but I dont recommend it for your enterprise data (yet).


At 11:48 AM 28/01/2006, Mark Brinsmead wrote:
>Or maybe ASM?
>As I recall, dynamically resolving "hot spots" is part of the propaganda -- er, I mean announced features -- of ASM. I haven't been daring enough to actually *try* ASM yet, so I rely mostly on rumour and -- when motivated enough -- documentation. Does anybody have any experiences they care to share? With regard to ASM and I/O balancing, that is...
>The major downside to SAME is that (with some RAID technologies, anyway) adding capacity can still be painful. Of course, if you don't approach the idea literally, that pain can be limited.
>Jared Still wrote:
>>On 1/27/06, BN <<>> wrote:
>>This is not a Home work Question, I am trying to group tables based on their activty(high dml, hihg read, etc.,) and put them in New LMTS tablespaces with proper sizes and settings yo avoid hot disk issues.
>>Looks like a good reason to use SAME (stripe and mirror everything)
>>No hot spots. Less work.
>>Jared Still
>>Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

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