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RE: Help with 10g AS and OID

From: Johnson, George <GJohnson_at_GAM.COM>
Date: 2006-01-11 08:50:50


                We are currently in our implementation phase and it is the biggest PITA \ 
going. We are going for full 4 site, 8 server replication with DR fallbacks, complete with \ full Sign-On and Active Directory integration. Oracle support and consultancy in the UK \ have been absolutely useless, given next to support or guidance, sent us down dead-end \ routes and I have sneaking suspicion have been using us a test bed to see if this works. \
We have even had to write our own AD password syncing DLL to put password changes from AD \ 
to OID because 9i DB's can't support the Kerberos authentication that AD, OID and 10g DBs \ 
will support, although Oracle assured us it works fine! Oh and we have just upgraded a 9i \ 
to 10g, which screwed the OID repository up as you are supposed to un-register before you \ 
upgrade then re-register afterwards, otherwise you lose all the security settings for that \ DB! Once this SSO "works" will be moving the TNS lookups into it, please spare me a \ prayer! Other than that, it's fine!  
                Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!
                Seriously, as with all things that can impact the business, before you \ 
start letting management/sec. officer types get sold on this central management/SSO stuff, \ take a serious long look at what you want and do some very thorough research, we have been \ seriously burned by Oracle over the OID stuff.  

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	I actually had good results with 9i OID replication using AR.  What I *couldn't* get \ 
running was using "LDAP replication" with 10g (you can choose either LDAP replication or \ Advanced Replication, and being adventurous and foolish, I chose the former).         


        On 1/10/06, Jesse, Rich wrote:

		I did that in 9i (9.0.1) on Linux and it was *very* unreliable.  It was explained to me \ 
that the 9i OID replication was really not full-blown Oracle AR due to the fact that some \ 
of the LDAP object attributes or tree or something (I forget) had to be different between \ 
the two servers, which AR wouldn't allow. Anyway, we could not get it stable for more \ than a week or two at a time and Oracle Support couldn't replicate it, so we junked it.                  

                Maybe 10g will be more reliable... ;)                                   


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			Just depends on which direction you're facing!
			"Export" from tnsnames.ora...?
			Glad it worked.  Just don't try setting up LDAP replication to a second OID server...I \ 
suffered through that for weeks and finally gave up!                         


	Paul Baumgartel

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