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Re: Confio DbFlash for Oracle

From: <>
Date: 2006-01-05 20:48:02

It now has alerting for several of the common Oracle stuff, like DB up/down, etc. It also does alerting for wait evnets, too - if you normally see 100 seconds of db file sequential read per hour on a particular database and you want an email or page if it hits 1,000 seconds per hour, it does that. The alerting is built in PL/SQL, so you can easily customize them to do what you want.

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DEEDSD, I have heard good things about Confio DbFlash has come up on this list several times last year.
I have my own tool so I have (needed to) tired it. I believe it lacks log file and DB up/down monitoring...strictly performance events, no?

I have three totally different questions for you.

>>rare Oracle bug

What OS and Oracle version and What was the bug (number). I to have had real issues just suddenly / lately with "latch free library cache" waits and latches.
Could be I have a app issues, but I need to look from all sides.

>>desperately needed a tool that could monitor things 24x7 and dramatically
>>cut down on the time spent troubleshooting performance problems.


>>installed DBFlash on the database and let it run for 20 minutes
>>, and I had my answer,...It turned out the problem was a rare Oracle bug
>> the inundated the database with library cache latch and load lock waits.

But what exactly did Confio DbFlash do...I suspect it did not point out the bug (you used the info to find the bug?), but rather monitor/analyze sessions waits and latches?
Again, I understand as much as anyone we can not be all places all the time we need and benefit for monitoring and alerting....especially for 500 db's. But before you and Confio DbFlash none one thought to look at sessions waits?...or am I over simplifying your situation?

Confio installation scales/monitors to 500 databases?

Thanks and again I not minimizing the needs for tools...I have one and it proactively tells me about db problems.
Just curious about any *magic* (analysis, correlation, etc.) that Confio DbFlash might be doing or is it just *looking* at the database as a DBA would/could.

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

Received on Thu Jan 05 2006 - 20:48:02 CST

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