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RE: Confio DbFlash for Oracle

From: <>
Date: 2006-01-05 20:58:43

No offense taken!

Have you ever tried to catch something as fast as a library cache pin wait (sorry, I misremembered it was the latch, but it was in fact the pin) by querying v$session wait ? I was looking for the reason code for buffer busy waits in v$session_wait not too long ago, hitting / as fast as two fingers could go, and it took me about two minutes to actually catch a buffer busy wait in progress. When I hit the library cache pin & load lock problem, I had an awful time catching one in progress in v$session_wait to get the p1raw to drill into x$kglob and x$kglpn to try and find out what was going on (and finding that it didn't make any sense) before I searched metalink.

I concede that I could have captured much the same data with statspack or by picking a session and tracing it, but it's very handy being in a meeting with 20 people who can't spell "Oracle" and showing them a chart that says "here is precisely what all of your processes are waiting on, and this is what we have to do to fix it". Especially when I don't have to create the chart by hand.

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With no criticism intended for you or DbFlash, wouldn't querying v$session_wait have given you the same information that DbFlash did to find the problem you give in your example?


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I've been using it for about two years now...

In the first month after we had purchased the product, we had critical performance issue pop up ... I installed DBFlash on the database and let it run for 20 minutes, and I had my answer, in lovely, graphical form that everyone involved could see. It turned out the problem was a rare Oracle bug the inundated the database with library cache latch and load lock waits...


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