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RE: Oracle 10g RAC installation

From: Pete Sharman <>
Date: 2005-12-21 18:02:03
Message-id: 20051222040203413.00000003184@psharman-au

As someone
already said, what&#8217;s wrong with the doc? I&#8217;ve had to install from scratch (literally, with 4 node clusters talking to each other but that&#8217;s it) which entailed doing all the pre-install config (checking for packages and so on &#8211; cluvfy is your friend for this!), doing the install, patching for a specific issue with using multipath devices, then upgrading both the CRS and DB kernels to, installing ASMLIB and creating a database, and even without any time constraints completed that in about half a day.  

Most of my time
constraints have been from using VNC Viewer here in Oz to machines located in the US during the install. A week is plenty of time.  

Since you&#8217;re
using RH4, don&#8217;t forget to change the permissions in /etc/udev/permissions.d/50-udev.permissions for the OCR/voting devices.    



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Kevin Loney,
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it's not. It's much harder than that!"

Bruce Pihlamae,
long-term Oracle DBA

From: [] On Behalf \ Of Sanjay Mishra
Sent: Wednesday, 21 December 2005
8:07 AM
Subject: Oracle 10g RAC

Hi Everyone  

Can somebody points me to any good link or Doc for the following  

I had to install Oracle 10g RAC Rel 2 on RHAT Linux 4 using 5 node Intel Xeon Server and IBM SAN of about 2 Tb. I want to use ASM storage and really appreicate if anybody has list of Patches for Linux etc. I had to install Linux as well as software. I had earlier installed Oracle 10g Rel1 RAC on Solaris with Veritas CFS but now I had to use CLusterware and I am not aware of the version to use and other dependencies. This is very important for current Job as otherwise the DBA responsibilites will be outsourced to India and everybody is waiting for mine final answer and had given me the week time.  

Thanks for all your advice/suggestion/references. If you need any more details regarding hardware as well as any other information, I am available at all times.  

TIA Sanjay

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