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Re: Remote procedure call via DBMS_PIPE/AQ/whatever

From: Moore, Paul <>
Date: 2005-12-19 11:21:22

From: Connor McDonald
> On 12/13/05, Moore, Paul wrote:

>> I am building an application which needs to initiate a background process
>> and receive its result. This is effectively a remote procedure call from one
>> database session to another.

> If its all database-to-database, then it sounds like dbms_aq is what you
> might be after. If its calling something external, then have you looked at
> "external procedures" or perhaps a call to a java routine which then
> undertakes what you need to do ?
> Cheers
> Connor

Thanks, Connor!

It looks like dbms_aq.register was the bit I was missing - I was building the whole \ notification process by hand with pipes (one pipe for requests, a second per-request pipe \ for the result, etc). I *knew* I was reinventing the wheel, but couldn't find the example \ I needed.

I did try Java but it was a pain (my background process needs to be multithreaded, and \ Java within the DB is single-threaded, and using Java to fire off an external process ran \ into all sorts of fun with passing data back & forward, and security issues :-(). I \ ignored external procedures because as far as I can tell, I need to code them in C, and I \ think I'd have all of the same problems as with the Java approach, but worse...

On the other hand, DBMS_AQ with PL/SQL notifications looks like just what I need.

Off to read the DBMS_AQ documentation in more detail, and try out some examples.

Thanks again,

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