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Remote procedure call via DBMS_PIPE/AQ/whatever

From: Moore, Paul <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:50:35 -0000
Message-ID: <>

I am building an application which needs to initiate a background process and receive its result. This is effectively a remote procedure call from one database session to another.

I have the application working using DBMS_PIPE - my "background" application runs as a Windows service, watching a pipe for requests, and processing them when they arrive then returning a result. The "main" application sends a request, plus a pipe name to use for the result, down the request pipe, then polls the result pipe to determine when the server has completed the request.

This works OK, but I've had to write a lot of fiddly code to manage request and response pipes, handle errors, etc. It feels like I'm reinventing a wheel here. I've also looked at the AQ documentation, but that also seems to focus on broadcast-style communication, rather than request/response interaction.

Have I missed anything? With internet service applications, there are a lot of options for remote requests (XML-RPC, SOAP) and I'm a little surprised that there isn't anything similar in Oracle (actually, if it helped, I could quite happily rewrite my "server" as an XML-RPC server, and use XML-RPC client code from the database, if such a thing existed...)

Any suggestions? Or should I just stick with my home-built solution?

Paul Moore.

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