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RE: Simple Recovery Question

From: Sunil Bhola <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 07:44:38 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Hi Everybody,
  I think you should first create that tablespace with all the files and then do the tablesapce recovery only, as archive files are there.. you can do that tablespace recovery without any issue..    

  I think this case would help you :-    

  Restore of datafiles and controlfile from a (hot or cold)

       backup, and complete recovery. A datafile has been added
       since the controlfile was backed up

   Oracle7 backup: Cold or hot backup of datafiles and controlfile    Oracle8 backup: RMAN offline or online database backup    Target database mode: Archivelog
   Loss: All current datafiles and controlfiles have been lost.

         Online redo logs are still available.    Requirement: Restore and complete recovery

   This scenario is not uncommon. A datafile has been added to the    database since the last backup was taken, and the DBA now has to    restore from the backup (including the controlfile) and has no    copy of the new datafile.

       o. Restore the hot or cold database backup (including the
          controlfile backup)
       o. Restore archived logs if required for recovery
       o. Start a recovery (using backup controlfile). The recovery 
          session will fail with errors:
            ORA-01244: unnamed datafile(s) added to controlfile ...
            ORA-01110: data file N: '<filename>'
          At this stage, create a new datafile:
       o. Continue recovery
       o. See [NOTE:29430.1] for full details of recovery in this
       o. This technique is only available from Oracle7.3+. Prior
          to Oracle7.3 the newly added datafile would have been lost

   Oracle 8 (RMAN) restore/recovery:
     Target database mode: Instance started, database not mounted
       RMAN> run {
       RMAN> allocate channel t1 type 'sbt_tape';
       RMAN> restore controlfile to '<destination>';
       RMAN> sql "alter database mount";
       RMAN> restore database skip tablespace <newtbs>;
       RMAN> }
       At this stage, any RMAN recovery (if successful - see 
       [BUG:720033] below) will run into the same warnings as 
       traditional recovery i.e. ORA-01244, ORA-01110. I suggest using       Oracle7
techniques to rolfoward the database, create the new 
       datafile, and complete the media recovery.
       o. The 'restore database skip tablespace...' command can be
          used if the new datafile is the only file in this tbs, 
          otherwise use multiple 'recover datafile' commands to
          recover all other datafiles.
       o. I encountered a problem when using the 'recover database
          skip tablespace....' command. See bug 720033 for details.

  Sunil Bhola   

"Johnson, George" <GJohnson_at_GAM.COM> wrote:

                  Off the top of my head ...
              Restore DB.
              Start recovery until time X
              When it complains about files missing, create them with the "alter database" command
              Carry on recovering until time X
              You will most definitely, want to read up on your recovery.

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From: DBA Deepak [] Sent: 07 Dec 2005 4:14
Subject: Simple Recovery Question

    Hi Gurus,    

  I have a recovery scenario as given below...    

  T1> Hot backup taken of the whole database.
  T2> A new tablespace TS05 created in the database.
  T3> Database crashes and all data files got corrupted.

  NOTE: All the archive logs are intact and no back up for TS05 tablespace exists.    

  How to get the recover the database till time T3?    

  Would appreciate if a step by step solution is given to the above scenario.    


Oracle DBA

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