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Re: Error creating listener on new RAC node

From: <>
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 09:33:45 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Jason, did you create the 2nd instance on the new node and is it running ok? Did you use DBCA or oradim to create the 2nd instance? Are you using a shared ORACLE_HOME directory or local to each node?

What is your remote_listener and local_listener set to in v$spparameter?

select sid, name, value, isspecified, ordinal from v$spparameter
where name like ('%listener%')
order by 1

Jason Heinrich <>
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12/01/2005 06:23 PM
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        To:     Oracle-L Freelists <>
        Subject:        Error creating listener on new RAC node

I am getting my feet wet with RAC. Platform is Oracle 10g R2 on Windows 2000. I’ve setup a 1-node test cluster, and now I’m attempting to add a second node. However, when I try to create the listener on the new node, netca fails with the error below:

ServiceAliasException: Could not initialize Service Alias: TNS-04404: no error
caused by: TNS-04414: File error caused by: TNS-04612: Null RHS for "TCORE1.PCCI.EDU"

"TCORE1" is the database instance on the first node. Following the instructions given in every piece of documentation I’ve read so far, I ran netca on the new node, did a cluster configuration, and chose only the new node from the list. Thinking that something on node 1 might be causing the problem, I even dropped the listener from that node and attempted to create both at once from node 1, with the same results. So now I’m getting the error on both nodes.

I was able to setup and started the listeners manually, but I don’t know how to register them with the clusterware so they can be controlled via srvctl. I’ve got a TAR — sorry, SR — submitted to Oracle Support, but I was wondering if anyone in the Oracle community has seen this error and/or has an idea as to what I can do about it.

Jason Heinrich
Oracle Database Administrator
Pensacola Christian College
Received on Fri Dec 02 2005 - 08:36:25 CST

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