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RE: Actual experience with RMAN/NetBackup

From: Marquez, Chris <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 11:13:03 -0400
Message-ID: <B30C2483766F9342B6AEF108833CC84E05BD603F@ecogenemld50.Org.Collegeboard.local>


I'm sure you can do better...and people will tell you so. I have no used NetBackup, but with Tivoli we got 1.5TG in about 3 hours or less.

Could be the database...all the datafiles stored on few disks and you are over allocate RMAN channels *creating* and IO bottleneck.

Could be RMAN parameters and settings, but in my experience they improved things but was never a silver bullet to overall faster performance. I got much more out of number a RMAN channels and files per channel(set) and set size, than any of the other size, buffering, and memory parameters.

Could be the NetBackup configuration and parameters? Direct to tape, over network backups, other parameters?

Could be tape library hardware. Speed of tapes, compression, number of drive heads, (large) number a tape switches (stops, starts, forward). Or the "pipe" between Oracle server and tape hardware is saturated.

My guess is the last one, but depending on the team you are working with this could be very hard and take a lot of time to resolve.

Not unlike resolving disk (harware) performance and configuration issues.


Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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From: on behalf of Kline.Michael Sent: Wed 10/26/2005 10:59 AM
Subject: Actual experience with RMAN/NetBackup  

We seem to be having some dismal performance with RMAN and NetBackup.  

308G in 3 hours with two tape drives and 9940 media.  

We've got databases that are 1.5 TB. We can do shadow copy by starting the sync 3-4 hours in advance and then only need 5-15 minutes of "down time". 3-4 hours for THOSE databases would be "good time".  

The speed is not looking good.  

Anyone getting WAY better than that? What equipment was used? Any "hidden" tweaks?  

What were the known "RMAN" parameters, etc?  

I'm not the one working with the vendors, but when I did, I usually did a lot of "Prove it to me."  


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