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DBA Needed in Austin

From: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 14:54:09 -0500
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Pardon this 2nd (1st was on 9/30) intrusion into the normal, but never dull, technical stream, but we still need another Oracle DBA.

The Austin Independent School District needs another Oracle DBA. The position is kind of an intermediate one, not junior/entry level, but not real senior level, though we'd take Senior DBA, for sure! AISD is, I believe, in the top 40 largest school districts in the U.S., with about 80,000 students, 10,000 Teachers and Staff, in about 130 schools and facilities.

The District relies on several 3rd Party COTS applications (Student Info. System, Financials, Facilities Management, etc.) that all use Oracle databases. We have close to 30 DBs, most all are 9i, with a few 8i (our Financials app), soon to be 9i as well. No 10g yet, because our apps aren't yet certified with it, though we'll start deploying 10g for some of our "home grown" apps. Almost all the 9i DBs are on RH2 or RH3 Linux, with the 8i DBs on HP-UX, and a couple of small departmental DBs on Win2k.

We have excellent hardware (64bit Opteron servers using SAN disk) and infrastructure (fiber LAN/WAN District-wide). Our application portfolio is growing, with several interesting new apps recently added. We have a very competent Development staff that cranks out Web-based niche apps that fill specific needs not met by the COTS apps. This is an exciting place to work.

So, follow the link below and check out the official posting if you're interested. Please contact me before you submit your resume, though, as I can give you some tips on what our HR department wants to see. AISD's benefits are not spectacular, but they're OK. One of the great things is the 23 paid holidays per year, including two weeks for Christmas/New Years and a week for Spring Break. Plus, there's two weeks vacation, as well as sick time and leave time that you can accumulate. Of course there's no travel, unless it's to training or a conference.

Come join Bill "Shrek" Thater and me in sunny Austin - "Li ve Music Capital of the World"!

Oh yeah, AISD will not pay any relocation. Nor will it pay any headhunter fees. We can hire folks that are not U.S. citizens, but they must already be authorized to work in the U.S. - we can't sponsor anyone. Also, we're absolutely not interested in remote DBA services. Our environment is specialized enough to require full time, on site DBAs.


Jack C. Applewhite - Database Administrator Austin (Texas) Independent School District 512.414.9715 (wk) / 512.935.5929 (pager)

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