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Re: RTFM, Newbies etc

From: Ryan <>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 15:36:37 -0400
Message-ID: <023901c5d809$15f88140$4d16ff45@ryannew>

When you do something for a while, it becomes easy to find information in the documentation. I don't see a problem with people asking simple questions. If you don't want to answer them, then don't. If you want to help, post a link to where to find the answers. If you look on asktom, tom posts a link to documented information. He gets alot of newbie questions.

The sql tuning questions get old, however, each person asking them is a newbie. How are they going to know what to do? They probably have a manager giving them a hard time to solve the problem. There is an author I used to like to read. I went on a forum one time and asked when the next book was coming out. There was a debate with over 100 posts trying to decide how big of an idiot I was for asking that question. I never went back to the forum.

How hard is it to sort the list by subject line in your mailbox? Just look at questions you are interested in.

  I do feel a little sad watching the whole RTFM/newbie thing. I guess its just something that lists go through from time to time. Some times they recover, other times they don't. A while back I did post some thoughts on dealing with apparent newbie questions ( ). I won't repeat them here. I guess my advice really boils down to treating people with respect. RTFM doesn't do that - though variations of it (like which manual, or a link to the relevant docs) can. RTFM says "you're wasting my time and I think you are stupid". I wouldn't say that to anyone in one-to-one conversation, I don't see why it is acceptable in email. (unless you are 14, male and on a video games forum obviously)

  Splitting the list into two is I think also wrong, Lists are about sharing information, not classifying people as experts or newbies. Don't wish to respond to a waste of time then don't. Just please don't respond to them in order to tell them you're not talking to them.

  Niall Litchfield
  Oracle DBA

Received on Sun Oct 23 2005 - 14:39:29 CDT

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