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RE: RTFM replies

From: <>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 11:40:51 +0200
Message-ID: <3FA1E6332C73EB4391F729E4EDB7CED92494CD@amisnt30.AMIS.local>

Sorry, sanjay. I totally agree with Mladen.  

I'm almost on my 10th year nowadays as well, but I never went in for a quick win. Before I ask, I read the manuals, I search google, I ask local colleague's etc, etc. I really hate the mentality to just ask without putting some effort into it (before hand). I had to learn the hard way, when I started there was no google, but there were only hard copies. So I read them or bought the books. Nowadays there are lot of websites to ask the newbie questions, I reply or ask to them there (for instance on OTN forums). I think the "quick win" questions should not be allowed on this mailing list and/or completely ignored.  

But then again, I am not the moderator of this mailing list, and because he allows people to post questions, he probably thinks otherwise. The other day, I was lucky to attend a 3 day seminar of Steve Adams (btw that was maybe why Mr. Mogens Norgaard sometimes not replies, because he was there) and I advised a Russian DBA to enlist on this mailing list, because it was worth while. I got the same information from Mr. Carel-Jan Engel. I now am reconsidering if it was good advise, if you see the discussions that are going around.  

The other way around, a time ago I really needed some old Oracle 6 software. This was a serious question. Because it was thought as a newbie question, I immediately got some stupid replies. Not that I liked it but I can imagine now why people respond this way. Luckily enough Carel-Jan Engel was gracious enough to help me out and I was able to demonstrate a VM environment with Oracle 4 on MSDOS 6.22. BTW my efforts will be posted, so if you're interested you can download the VM if you can find the website ;-)  

Therefore I can understand Mladens reactions. The minimum I expect from a college, even if he has just started, is that he makes an effort to research / educate him self, before he goes for the quick win. When I see that this is the case, then also I am willing to go the extra mile. If not (as I see now on this mailing list happening), I ignore the questions.  



[] On Behalf Of Sanjay Madan Sent: vrijdag 21 oktober 2005 10:46
Subject: Re: RTFM replies  


You are probably very right. Indeed most of the questions that land up in ur mailbox from this list may well be trivial. However, please consider that

  1. 10 years of experience is a long time. Lot of what now seems to be very trivial and obvious to you may not be as obvious to many of the others. Agreed time isnt everything and one does need to upgrade oneself to answer and analyze like Mladen, but I'd still say, lets give everyone a chance.
  2. Utilities like the internet and Metalink which are available (by default !?) in some countries, are not so easily available in many others.
  3. Manuals. Yes u are very correct. Most of what is asked is all in there. But then, isnt it normal human tendency to go to the easier option ? Its not the best thing to do but an online FAQ is always more "handy" !! ( hang on.. dont start firing just yet..!!)
  4. Cary and Jonathan do put in their bits when its required, dont they !?
  5. I'd personally hate to loose out on the stuff you and many others contribute to the list. Agreed, from your perspective it may not be the same, but I'm sure even you do learn something or the other fom the list once in a while !? Maybe you can so something like what JL has done ? have a filter which picks up those mails that have your name mentioned in them ?..(dunno where i got that from !!) or maybe just delete mails by their Subject and just respond to the 1% you find interesting ? ....whatever .... What i'd like to say is that trivial questions probably will keep comming in and that shouldnt be any reason for you getting out of the list. So just hang in there ....

Ahh... I know I've probably asked for all the Mladenisms that's going to come, but honestly, have meant only good.



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