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RTFM replies

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 05:49:58 +0000
Message-Id: <>

I am receiving 65 messages per day, very few interesting ones among them. Most of these messages are sheer clutter, usually saying things like "here is my query, why is it slow". The net result is the fact that this list is becoming less and less useful for me. I seldomly see Tanel Poder, Nuno Suoto, Mogens Norgaard, Tim Gorman, Cary Millsap or Jonathan Lewis. Personally, I am willing to respond to questions and I frequently do so. If this list becomes a pile of worthless spam that needlessly wastes my bandwidth then I'll do the same thing as Nuno Suoto: unsubscribe and switch to c.d.o.server. I am aware that the most of the list will breathe a sigh of relief if that happens but I am reluctant to give up a great tool that this list once was, just yet. So, I fully intend to continue decreasing what I see as a worthless junk by all means at my disposal, unless told otherwise by the administrator. If that happens, I'll simply unsubscribe, after 10 years of presence on this list. What gets me started are questions that can easily be answered by reading manuals. I don't believe that this is an online manual. To keep the peace, please respect me and do not post trivial questions. Then I will respect you and will not post replies which belong to this group as much as the trivial questions that instigated them. Namely, I do consider rude expecting other people to do your homework for you. In P2P world, people that do not contribute but just pump out stuff are called "leeches". Frequently asking trivial questions that are answered in the literature is usually a sign of similar parasitic attitude and unwillingness to invest even minimal personal effort. I am a member of this list for 10 years, much longer then most of the people asking trivial questions. I shall not waste my time any longer if 95% of the topics are started by questions that can trivially be answered by a minimal personal effort. So far, I am not willing to give up. This may change soon. It's up to you. On my part, I can only promise to put in additional effort and imagination to thinly veil the RTFM phrase, much to the delight of the target.


Mladen Gogala

-- Received on Fri Oct 21 2005 - 02:48:14 CDT

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