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RE: Long Term Backups and Retrieval strategies

From: Eric Buddelmeijer <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 17:50:55 +0200
Message-Id: <>

The way I can handle this is because the legislative requirements do not specify the exact form the backup has to take. IIRC in the part of the world I live in it is specified as something like "data must be readily available for inspection by auditors". That is not legal language, but it is what I distilled from the conversations and discussions with specialists in that field. This means that a backup can consist of an export. This contains a definition of the data of course which means the data can be read back. A plain ascii file might work as well if you have the create table statement included.
Of course you will have to backup the software (oracle version) that was used to make the export. Along with the knowledge to install and run it. The latter might prove the most difficult part ;-). And don't forget to keep one old dog of a tape unit that can read the tape. Or transfer data to a new tape if you change tape units.

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> [] Namens Hemant K Chitale
> Verzonden: maandag 10 oktober 2005 17:35
> Aan: Oracle-L
> Onderwerp: Long Term Backups and Retrieval strategies
> With different legislative and customer requirements, we are
> troubled by the fact that we may have to make data backups
> available for 7 to 15 years {some requirements are as long as
> 15 years}.
> The usual restrictions about the same hardware and operating
> systems not being available 10 years later come to mind first.
> How have other organisations devised backup strategies for
> such requirements ?
> Are your business users and applications teams able to
> identify specific data sets {rows/tables/reports} that need
> to be backed-up or are you just told to "backup the whole database"
> for 15 years ? What backup media do you use ?
> Hemant
> Hemant K Chitale
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