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RE: How to know the problem is overheating in the hardware

From: Hostetter, Jay M <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 09:40:30 -0400
Message-ID: <>

The only problem I've ever experienced, is that the server actually shuts down. What problem were you seeing? Our sys admins get warnings when the temperature starts getting too high. I think the trick is to investigate if your box issues warnings about the temperature. I don't know enough about the subject to say if that is OS or hardware specific.


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Subject: How to know the problem is overheating in the hardware

Hi list,
recently I had a problem with a customer, we solved the problem but the situation was really strange, it seemd to be something in the hardware.

Some week ago I went to his office and discovered they had a problem with aeration, the room where is the computer was extremely hot.

The point is, if there is some trick to know if there is a problem cause by exposing the server to overheating for some periods, from Oracle database.
I don't think there is, but I ask anyway.

Thank you.


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