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Re: Wanna implement RAC.

From: Chirag DBA <>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 16:51:13 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Thanx Chris,
 This was the best answer I could ever get. Very detailed one. Thanx for sparing time for this.
  I am also going through the docs and links sent by You, Mr. Gogala and others.
 I knew, that without having any idea, if I will start reading RAC, I will go to sleep. But at the same time, some one must have start rather then keep on waiting.
But I m lucky enough to be on such a nice forum. I am always trying to be as much informative as I can cause, I know when you have to do something on Database, which you havent done before, its scary, and any +ve feedback always helps.
 I remember the days of LazyDBA , when my DB got crashed and my employer was telling me to sue, and then LazyDBA guys, really help me boost up and communicate further. And ppl really were ready to talk to me on phone for further assistance. Thats great.
Always have a confidence, that " No Probs, I have a good backup on Database Topics..". :)
 And now , don mind but I think we should really stop communicating this topic further instead of keep on stretching.  Thanx n Regards,
 On 10/4/05, Marquez, Chris <> wrote:
> Chirag,
> Wow, you got some the rudest and lamest comments I have ever seen.
> I too have told people to RTFM...many times.
> "How to I export a table?"
> "How do I tune my database?"
> "How do I do my taxes?"
> These are all RTFM questions.
> Also, I personally often try to convey my level of experience in a
> subject area, good or bad, as to help the reader, help me.
> In the context of a logical question I never see this as bragging.
> Finally regarding one of your very "alarming" ;o) questions;
> "RAC; "Scalability" option and *not* "High Availability" option"
> It was a part of a subject in a long thread on this list!
> Now to your questions;
> >> Can anyone have a good document for How to implement RAC?
> Sure;
> Installing Oracle Database 10g with Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Red
> Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3
> Werner Puschitz has some of the best installation docs out there...but
> this is assuming you are on did not say.
> Other than that I would say Metalink has the install docs you are looking
> for...but I use Werner Puschitz for Linux.
> >> [RAC] Only thing I know is that it is based on having multiple
> instances
> >> on different machine with sharing a same set of physical files.
> Right!
> That is debatable...some will say (even Oracle) that RAC is for
> "Scalability", not "High Availability".
> Personally, I don't hear to much about success or increasing "Scalability"
> with RAC...I guess, but in 3 shops I personally have never witnessed it
> come true.
> I have only ever worked at shops the use RAC for "High
> Availability"...node1 dies you are still running (or startup) on node2.
> But RAC for "High Availability" is debatable....all about perceptive
> really.
> >> [RAC] the probability of failing the instance is less compared to
> crashing the DB due to any reasons.
> >> and we have single set of physical files(hope this is true), what to do
> then?
> "single set of physical"...yeah when ever I talk to a non RAC SysAdmin the
> y always say..."the disk is a single point of failure".
> But not really...that is what RAID is for. Don't know of to many RAC shops
> the have redundant everything, but not redundant disks.
> Again, I have seen first hand RAC for "High Availability", but it is
> debatable. I would say RAC is not for catastrophic failure, but help for
> general availability.
> "WHAT IS RAC" do not need the manuals...they will put you to sleep
> at this high level.
> You need a good white paper.
> Try have it in seconds.
> hth
> CHris Marquez
> Oracle DBA

Received on Tue Oct 04 2005 - 15:55:43 CDT

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