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RE: Oracle RAC backup hardware/software recommendation?

From: Marquez, Chris <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:09:05 -0400
Message-ID: <B30C2483766F9342B6AEF108833CC84E0465D2C9@ecogenemld50.Org.Collegeboard.local>

>>Legato Networker, IBM Tivoli.

I assume you are talking about backing up to TAPE directly.

Short answer I have worked with both of these for RMAN backups. Legato a longer time ago with Oracle 8i...well before EMC bought them. Tivoli (IBM) TDPO more recently....very hard to originally configure, but once over the hurdles a very mature robust product...but the config will drive you little crazy.

Three more comments;

1.) Test, Test, Test you restore and recoveries, you will gain further insight to RMAN and MML logic and differences.

2.) With RAC-RMAN and MML you will begin to see the importance of a shared "cluster" filesystem for redo logs.

3.) On the same note as #2 above learn now that Oracle-RMAN sees a "backup" as a whole...a single logical unit, while *ANY* MML sees individual pieces of data from a client (machine). This becomes critical when you are trying to restore *ALL* (local) arch log files at one time from two DIFFERENT clients...or you are trying to restore all the datafiles backed up from RAC-node A to RAC-node B. These are the same database and RMAN backup, but different clients as far as the MML is concerned. Server "spoofing" with MML config files is a must "know" with RAC and MML.


Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA  

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[] On Behalf Of manuela mueller Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 8:55 AM To:
Subject: Oracle RAC backup hardware/software recommendation?

Dear list members,
currently our company is in the process to evaluate a new backup software/hardware solution for backups with RMAN and I'm very interested in your experience and opinions.

We are running a 4 node RAC ( on linux (Suse SLES-8). All datafiles reside on OCFS partitions. Current DB size is 1TB, estimated growth during the next 2 years up to 10TB. During one week we have to archive 300-500G on archived redo log files.

We are running a catalog database.

The sysadmin prefers hardware from HP StorageWorks (EML 245E) or hardware from Storagetech with LTO3 tapes.

Concerning the Media Management API, I was thinking about Veritas NetBackup, Legato Networker, IBM Tivoli. One associate advised my to have also a look at syncsort Backup Express.

What is your experience with these products in terms of reliability, implementation, support quality, documentation accuracy, performance...success or horror stories?

Any suggestions are welcome.
TIA and have a nice day

Manuela Mueller


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