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Re: HTML DB - here to stay?

From: stephen booth <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 18:13:14 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On 28/09/05, <> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are considering using Oracle's HTML DB to do some web development. Does anyone who has experience in using this, have time to spare to make some comments about it? I am particularly interested if anyone knows from where inside of Oracle this came from and if it is likely to have a long shelf life.

I've attended a number of talks about HTMLDB over the last couple of years and attended a course in mod_plsql and HTMLDB a few weeks ago (delivered by Xicon who develop solutions in both). I see HTMLDB as a replacement for the function Microsoft Access (and other similar desktop databases) fulfils in a lot of organisations. It's for people who aren't software developers and don't know much about databases to be able to knock up a quick and dirty mini application in. The advantages it gives are that it's easier to deploy the apps (just send someone the URL and give them a login) and you get the Oracle enterprise functions such as backups &c.

You can develop websites using HTMLDB (as seen with asktom amongst other sites) if you wanted to. The concern I'd have is that you're effectively exposing a port on your database server, although the risk can be reduced by clever use of firewall and web proxy boxes.

You're not going to want to write your HR or General Ledger system in HTMLDB or use it to interface to such apps, it's more for your departmental 'Secret Santa' app.

mod_plsql is a package that runs in the Oracle HTTP server and allows you to write code to interact with the database through a web page, it's what HTMLDB uses. It's a lot more flexible but you do have to write the code yourself. Essentially you have to pretty much write a procedure for each page you want in your application.

The impression I get is that Oracle is trying to encourage people away from mod_plsql and onto HTMLDB.


It's better to ask a silly question than to make a silly assumption.
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