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Re: OS/Hardware choice for Oracle Apps system

From: Jeffrey Beckstrom <>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 07:38:23 -0400
Message-Id: <>

We are considering the move for the following reasons: With Linux could have multiple non-production versions of the Oracle Apps running. I believe you can do it on windows but concerned about the path settings, etc. Already running with /3gb and MTS since had hit 2G limit. Currently, we are running with 1.5G Priv Peak. Our SGA is undersized based on the 11i recommended parameters. >>> Mark Burgess <> 9/27/05 12:22:35 AM >>>

Hi Jeffrey,

first of all what would be the justification to move platform? Is it a resource issue on Windows or a move to have everything on the same platform as other systems? What is the usage of your apps install and the user base?

Unless you have a very large user population and need to run a very large SGA I would only consider a platform migration to 64-bit when your current hardware is at the end of its life. Going to a Linux/UNIX infrastructure will possibly make things like remote administration far easier and you would not need to run the MKS Toolkit for patching however there would be a significant time cost in the migration to do the export/import etc.

Like anything large change with apps a platform migration is a significant undertaking and would require alot of time and effort, particularly on the testing side and development side should you have a large number of interfaces into the system.



> I am seeking input on possible Operating Systems to
> migrate our Oracle
> Apps 11.5.9 two-tier windows platform to. We would
> like to mgrate the
> database to 64-bit hardware. Preferably, we would
> like to move
> everything to 64-bit. However, on some platforms
> the Oracle Apps are
> only certified on 32-bit hardware so we would have
> to do a split
> configuration, i.e. Apps on 32-bit and database on
> 64-bit.
> We are not fluent in Unix/Linux and just taking
> courses now.
> Do you have any suggestions on a direction to go?
> Are people migrating the database for the Apps to
> 64-bit or are most
> people still 32-bit?
> What about keeping database on 64-bit Windows and
> middle tier on
> something else?
> Our Oracle Apps database is 110 G in size now - what
> would be time to
> migrate if moving to non-windows hardware for the
> database?
> Jeffrey Beckstrom
> Database Administrator
> Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
> 1240 W. 6th Street
> Cleveland, Ohio 44113
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