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RE: So what seminar do you go to??

From: David Kurtz <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 01:43:34 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Or, you could go to UKOUG 2005 in Birmingham (UK) on 31st October-2nd November. There are the usual 12 Oracle streams, 3 of which are dedicated to server technology. This year, there are also two dedicated PeopleSoft & JD Edwards streams. There is an OakTable day on the Sunday. The agenda is on the website This conference is organised by the user group, not Oracle's sales and marketing department.

Speakers include (to name but a few, and in alphabetical order so I don't offend anyone) Lex de Haan, Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, Anjo Kolk, Connor McDonald, Mogens Norgaard, Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha, Graham Wood

There is lots of performance related material, but if you don't use good design, best practice and common sense there is some non-performance related stuff too. If your head doesn't hurt by the end of this there is always beer (we do use beer).


David Kurtz
UKOUG Unix SIG Chair
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From: []On Behalf Of Terry Sutton
Sent: 22 September 2005 01:20
Subject: Re: So what seminar do you go to??

  OOW is a waste of time (and $). There are a few good presentations there, but it's mostly Oracle sales stuff, and now with PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Oracle Apps added, it's worse than ever (36,000 people this week). IOUG is much better. RMOUG is close to as good as IOUG (and much cheaper). And Hotsos is far and away the best Oracle conference on this continent. The only downside of Hotsos is it's performance-centric. If you're interested in non-performance-related learning, you may be disappointed. Also, your head can hurt at the end of the day from learning so much.


    There are a handfull of Oracle seminars that are offered and as I can only go to one of them I thoulght I'd pause the question to you guys?? (By you I refer to DBA's)

    If you could only attend one seminar, which will it be. Hotsos, OOW, IOUG or other??

    TIA     Yuval.

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