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RE: 10.2 listener won't start on same port as 9.2 listener

From: <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 11:29:30 -0400
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For the first question, there were two reasons for the request that we run our listeners on the same port. The first was a request from security which doesn't like to open the firewall for more than the minimum number of ports. The second was from the SAs who are setting up the environment in sort of semi-clustered fashion. The idea is that if the server should go down we can easily distribute the 3 instances among other servers (storage is on a SAN) simply by starting the individual instances and listeners on different boxes.

This is also the reason we don't have just one listener for all instances. We want the ability to bring up any instance on any box and the only way we could do that would be if every listener on every box was configured for every Oracle database in the company. I suppose we could do that, but there's less management involved to maintaining one listener per instance (otherwise whenever we added a new instance anywhere we'd need to modify and restart all our listeners).

And it worked perfectly in 9.2 and 10.1 and when I restored the 10.1 version last night.

Jay Miller
Sr. Oracle DBA

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On 09/19/2005 09:59:51 PM, wrote:
> Sorry, I should have specified that I'm using different virtual ips for
> listener. This has allowed me to run the third listener using 10.1 but
> using 10.2.
> The 10.1 listener was not running when I couldn't start up the 10.2
> listener. Only the two 9.2 listeners, both of which had different vips.

Why would it be a problem to start it on a different port? In addition to that, I believe that
10GR2 listener should be capable of handling 9.2 databases. Why do you need to have one listener
per subnet?

Mladen Gogala

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