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RE: 10.2 listener won't start on same port as 9.2 listener

From: <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 21:59:51 -0400
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Sorry, I should have specified that I'm using different virtual ips for each listener. This has allowed me to run the third listener using 10.1 but not using 10.2.

The 10.1 listener was not running when I couldn't start up the 10.2 listener. Only the two 9.2 listeners, both of which had different vips.

Jay Miller

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From: Mark Bole [] Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 9:54 PM To: Miller, Jay
Subject: Re: 10.2 listener won't start on same port as 9.2 listener wrote:
> Is anyone else out there running both a 10.2 and a 9.2 listener on the
> same port?

The only way you can run any two listeners on the same port is if they have different IP addresses. The pair of (IP address, port number) is subject to a uniqueness constraint for listening, in most modern operation systems.

> Previously I was running 3 listeners on the same port with no problems
> (2 of them 9.2 one of them 10.1). When I try to start the listener for
> the 10.2 database it complains that there is already a listener running
> on that port:

That would most likely be your 10.1 listener.

> I'm using the same host and key settings that worked on the 10.1 instance:

More circumstantial evidence.

The "netstat" command, run with root privilege, under most versions of Unix will give you more clues as to which programs are listening on which ports.

Mark Bole

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