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Re: ot: what to do to get and keep a job.

From: Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 08:36:03 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Thanks Walt,
I think your life had been very very interesting.

Is true what you say, meanwhile you can get job every time when you want.

Now if you have a business when you have guaranteed your income for some reason, then this list is not neccesary, but if you don't and you don't know if in 6 months you are going to have money to pay salaries this list is more ipmortant than you think..

It depends on your luck sometimes.

But if you want get job almost always and become someone indipensable, and increase your posibilities to get a job. When you are more than one year looking for a job, get one and after that get fired without knowing why they fired. Or you are working ten years in a work, and someday you are one of the first to get fired. I post this list of characteristics.

I read a good book about how ot get job, this really was good, but I didn't found one to say how to keep it.

I didn't knew that, it is something I had learned, and this don't comes from a poetics impulse. This is from my own experience and I confirmed several people do the same to choose their employees. From several years.

There is a lot of people around this world who can't get job and don't understand why they can't keep it. Even when this list is not the only one, I think this is the key.
Maybe you can think this is a opinion, but this is not a opinion this is somethin I learned in several years.

For example in my currect job, I thought my boss didn't appreciated too much, because I had to argue and persist several time to get something to get done, and several times he didn't that, even when I analyzed and it seemed a good idea.
I though he was bother with me because I persisted several time in some ideas. But it was the contrary.
Until the day I decided to quit I went to another job and I returned to the currect job. I understood even when he was always complaining about this, this is the kind of employee one wants. People wants solutions.

Now I'm as chief project and I'm trying to get things done, I understand, and definetively I'm going to say I'm not interested in people who can work 25 hours every day (when you pay only for 8), this is not the solution, if you want your business to keep and grow, you need this kind of people.


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