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Re: ot: what to do to get and keep a job.

From: Walt Weaver <>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:44:53 -0600
Message-ID: <>


In my forty years of working for a living I have been:

A gunship pilot

A navigator (celestial nav, mostly over the Pacific)

An air traffic controller

A landscaper (read: gunship pilot)

A COBOL programmer

A lover (only my wife, but she taught me well)

And, of course, an Oracle DBA.

In my experience all of the above could be handled by just about anyone (except the lover thing, of course) but now, entering into my 7th decade of life I have an idea what you're looking for.

Hire someone with a music degree.


On 9/16/05, Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <> wrote:
> Hi list I would like to share my opinion about hiring people, even
> when I don't hire directly people, maybe some one are not interested
> but if you are, and have experience hiring people, and have several
> years responsible to get proyect work, maybe you could share your
> ideas,
> thanks.
> I have been working more than 10 years in design,programming and dba.
> And the last years I'm project chief.
> Is true, there is a lot of people unemployed, but the true is that
> when you are searching for a good (good for us at least) professional,
> you can't get it.
> Is not too rare to hear "we can't find an adecuated person for this job"
> In all the time I had been working, I had learn this as worker and
> "supervisor" in the business where I work, we had got a conclusion
> about , NOT what is what we want to hire,
> else what we need to hire, we live day by day and we don't know if in
> 6 moths we are going to have money to pay salaries.
> And the problem is when you hire some one, is difficult to fire him,
> because he has family, etc. etc. Usually you can't, unless he does
> something extreeemely baaad.
> The requisites are,based on how we work, this is not theory, and I
> thing most business does:
> - He must think by himself, if there is a problem and nobody can
> helphim, if every one says his ideas are stupid, if there is something
> he don't know.
> He must find the way to solve the problem, may himself understandable
> and demostrate his ideas works, he must investigate and learn what he
> needs.
> And he can't take it too much time to do it.
> - He must give good ideas to the business to sell, and solve problems.
> He must be thinking in new and interesting ideas the company can sell
> to others, if he finds a problems he must draw the solution, must draw
> all the idea to sell the new idea(this doesn't means he haev to do
> alone, but he must get the help and not wait, the help brings to him),
> and probably he will have to solve it.
> - He must be responsible, and must like to have them.
> One of the things I hate is the guys that tries to avoid r
> esponsabilities having a stupid smile saying this is not his work,
> etc. This doesn't means he have to do all, if he can't do then he
> don't do; but there is a difference to avoid to do a work is not
> directly related to his job (and too the one related to his job) when
> he has free time, and say he can't because he don't have time.
> Usually when I give more work to a person, is to get he learn about
> that, and some month ago he becomes responsible of that module or
> system. This means he get a promotion, and when he learns more things
> and are responsble of more things, he becomes more necesary for the
> company, and then he gets a raise in his slary.
> Is true there are people who tries to get you do this work, but the
> point is that that person must find the way to demostrate he is who is
> doing that work.
> - He must be persistent, and independent,
> I think one of the most frequent situations, is thta one must be
> arguing about several things, trying to understand the position of
> other people, and get to a soultions, this is usually the most
> difficult.
> This means frequently to insitint with some idea from time to time
> across several months until he get understood, or until he has a
> proposal more adecuated.
> Thismeans too to discuss frequently with his boss about almost
> everything, but I don't know about other way to solve problems and get
> new projects to work.
> -Hem ust optimize his work
> he must investigate to make his works faster.
> -He must like to study
> Even when not always seem to love certification, they always love to
> investigate.
> This kind of people can't be sit reading news all the day whtn they
> don't have nothing to do. When he have time, they are on internet
> searching for new things. And periodically they show fruits about it,
> there another group that is always are invetigating on internet but
> never get on something solid.
> -he have pride.
> Even when there is no serious problem, and situations when one can say
> really "this was not my fault", they usually feel bad, because they
> like to do thing good, and for they are important to do thigs good.
> -he must be give him self this work and pridocally show fruits.
> From time to time, there is times when therei s no work, this people
> automatically takes something to do, and shows something new, good for
> the company. Even when not always is useful.
> They are not extremely fanatics in work, they have to periods when are
> invetigating about some new game, or or some interesting topic not
> related in any way with the company.
> But something is extremly ipmortant is the fact they are responsible
> and are concern about the company and know is not easy to get the
> salary month by month and this is not free gift.
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> Orace Certified Professional Developer 6i
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