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RE: TSM/TDP backup of rman database nocatalog

From: Marquez, Chris <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 11:07:25 -0400
Message-ID: <B30C2483766F9342B6AEF108833CC84E0465D2C1@ecogenemld50.Org.Collegeboard.local>


Yeah, tdposync is just doing a select of an Oracle view (about RMAN backups) and comparing it to the information in its (Tivoli-TSM) database (for the data range specified.

At least it is doing something...meaning the idea is to remove RMAN backups from Tivoli-TSM that are long gone on the Oracle-RMAN side...a sync. They could just leave it up to you (or the SA!?) and delete anything you like without checking Oracle-RMAN first! I think the is a plus for Tivoli-TSM software as limited as that validation maybe at least they do it.

The only question I still have is much you connection to and RMAN Catalog database (when prompted) when using tdposync...could you just connect to any Oracle database? I suspect not since the tdposync SELECT is like for an RMAN view?

Thanks for the update.

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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It turns out that you can just use the tdposync command to remove the backups of the rman database. You just give it the same connection information as if connecting to the catalog, give it the date range your interested in and delete the backups. But this does not mean that tdposync is doing anything smart, it will offer to delete any backup even if they are recorded in the control file, it does not even indicate that the database is not registered in the catalog. So when in this situation you just have to work out for yourself the date range of the backups to be removed from Tivoli ,that are no longer recorded in the control file (a simple query against the tsm backups table in dsmadmc) and make sure that you use that range when asked by tdposync.



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From: Marquez, Chris [] Sent: 07 September 2005 14:52
To: Hitchman, Peter (TS UK); Subject: RE: TSM/TDP backup of rman database nocatalog

>>I could try giving it the target database and see what happens.
Yeah, just try it...if the query that TDPO is runing is not RMAN catalog specific (view) then maybe?

>>I'll update later.

Pleas do.

Good luck,

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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