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RE: dba mgt woes

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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 10:55:21 -0400
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Good thread! I really enjoy mentoring and training but I like to see some results for my effort. Your junior dba needs to grasp how this process works.

Somckit said, "As a manager you'll have to adjust yourself somewhat to each person's unique personality." I agree up to a point but I would say as a junior DBA you better be prepared to adjust yourself pretty completely to your managers personality.

Steve Feuerstein mentioned a few rules in his book for PL/SQL coders and one of them was, "If your're stuck for more than 30 minutes on a problem, ask me." I agree with that suggestion. I also encourage people to work out their own solutions including using the multitide of discussion groups on line for suggestions. There is a lot of information out there on how, exactly, to get your answers from these groups.

When I'm stuck I try very hard not to bother people in the office too much. It takes a light touch not to become a pest. I try to convey that to juniors as one of the essential work place skills that they must master.

If this particular junior doesn't really enjoy problem solving, or possess the drive and persistance to solve problems that may involve catastrophic consequences then they may need to try something else. Everybody is not good at this.

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I have recently become a dba manager and I have a small issue.

I have a junior dba new to scripting, sql, plsql, oracle. This scenario has happened a few times:

-I request him to research something and recommend a certain route
-he immediately writes the recommendation to users
-he then writes me asking me how to do it, script it....
-I assist him in finding where to go or if I have a script I give it to
-he has trouble implementing the solution
-he comes back to me with "your process does not work"
-I discover it is how he has implemented it and correct it

It is a frustrating experience and I wonder how to get him to take on the task and see it through to the end.

Any ideas?

When I was a junior dba I would implement something and ususally go a step farther - I would not go back to my boss instead chosing to "figure it out myself".

Now I know why management is called damanagement. It is the same issue as to why children are convinced their parents are crazy. Who do you think pushed them over the edge?

Trying to be supportive, teach how to fish but didn't figure on this interesting personality.

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