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RE: dba mgt woes

From: Billy Verreynne (JW) <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 15:26:08 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Johnson, George wrote:

> My tuppence worth.


Found my nodding my head in agreement on this George.

At the 10G/new Metalink Support launch locally some months ago they had a guess speaker who is a communications expert. He went into the "generation gap" issue. Was fascinating.

He classified each generation ito of what is important to them. Newer generations did not live under the threat of nuclear war. Do not recall the Berlin Wall. HIV/AIDS have always been around. Older and newer generations each dealing with very different sets of problems, with different social and moral values, different goals in life and so on.

What he said about the generation group I fell into made a lot of sense.. and when he explained the newer generations I could immediately identify those characteristics that I have observed in many of my co-workers who are younger than me. The lack of what I would call committment in solving a problem, but instead "passing the buck". However, as he described the newer generations it became clear that my perceptions are rooted in my generation's "value system" and that these new people do not see this as either a lack of committment or passing the buck - simply because their value system is so very different than mine and yours.

Unfortunately I cannot recall everything he said and presented (including adverts that personified the value system of each generation) - but it was fascinating and gave me a new perspective on the conflicting issues in the work place. Still does not make it easier to deal with what the issues that you raise George... dealing wuth juniors that seem to lack when it comes to helping themselves to manuals, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands greasy and dirty and gaining experience that way.


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