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RE: dba mgt woes

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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 07:39:19 -0400
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Thanks Matthew.

Actually this person has been through the complete round of Oracle training. However, I think you are right - I should have said here is the problem - put together your recommendation and how you wish to implemenet the solution.  

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From: Parker, Matthew [] Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 1:09 AM
To: Stankus, Paula G; Subject: RE: dba mgt woes

So you might start by not recommending a certain route and let the Junior dba spread their wings a bit in participating in making the decision, instead of you making it for them. It would probably short circuit the next item ( he immediately writes the recommendation to users), since he probably will not want to stick his neck out in front of end users until he has a working solution. Also if they are not experienced in these areas you might have to change your training tactics. Although you can be commended for taking the initiative when you started out, people are different and learning tactics that worked for you, do not always work for others. Sometimes it is helpful to send people to training, along with periods of work in the area after each training session to reinforce what they were taught. I have found it useful in cases to take a complex script that you already have and break it down into it's component parts and hand those equivalent tasks to the Junior DBA:

Connect to database.
Execute query.
Put results from database into a file or into a variable and then perform basic manipulations on that data set. Loops
Executions of OS commands.

You might give them training pages on the web to point to, then once they have performed some basics tasks, you can point them to already built script and have them break it down into what is being performed and why.

If you want to teach others, then you as the teacher must make the extra effort to bridge the gap for the student. There is also a point that you may determine the person is not suited for this career, but that is a long way off, after much frustration and self reflection as to why your teaching methods are not working.

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I have recently become a dba manager and I have a small issue.

I have a junior dba new to scripting, sql, plsql, oracle. This scenario has happened a few times:

-I request him to research something and recommend a certain route -he
immediately writes the recommendation to users -he then writes me asking me how to do it, script it....
-I assist him in finding where to go or if I have a script I give it to
him -he has trouble implementing the solution -he comes back to me with "your process does not work"
-I discover it is how he has implemented it and correct it

It is a frustrating experience and I wonder how to get him to take on the task and see it through to the end.

Any ideas?

When I was a junior dba I would implement something and ususally go a step farther - I would not go back to my boss instead chosing to "figure it out myself".

Now I know why management is called damanagement. It is the same issue as to why children are convinced their parents are crazy. Who do you think pushed them over the edge?

Trying to be supportive, teach how to fish but didn't figure on this interesting personality.




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