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Re: A brief doc on 10046 tracing

From: Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:36:57 -0400
Message-ID: <>

I would like to shares this thought with you, and helpme understand. I think I have to apologize becaues the fact that a metalink note, is a metalink note.
Your note is excellent as a metalink note.

But anyway
1) I like articles like this, brief, and gives you a deep insight withtout explaining everything. 2) Or intersting investigations,
showing internal use of something, something more than what you get going to and doing a search.

I think your note is perfect, but I think in this way. 1) You(Oracle) should give a basic introduction, for every one who wants to understand what is this about. What you had done is excellent.
2) Examples of use
If after I read your basic introduction I want to use it, to see a brief and nice example.
If I can't run, I compare what I did with that example and immediately I got it to work.
3) Internals and examples and advices
If you want to understand deeply a brief, don't have to be a book, giving examples about some "bugs" or "problems" you can have, xamples showing interesting uses and advices get from using this several years.
Some interesitng test are very useful. One example is the test I did and posted here about the different size of IOT indexes using different order of columns, using the compression adviced by oracle, there was an important difference.
I would like to do a test in every one of that indexes to see the implication performance of using every one of that indexes, but I don't have time.
I would like in Oracle documentation and/or metalink, I could find that examples.
Until today I don't udnerstand why Oracle don't share the benchmarks and performance test they do. to see how much fast can be an iot access than a b-tree or bitmap access, in several scenarios. I could pay to see that tests.

I understand If you see a 10 pages note, and you don't have too much time, I think you will be starting to damn the guy who wrote that note.
But if you divide a note in that sections, maybe 3 notes, you will see you have to read only 1/2 page to understand 1 page to see an example and 8 1/2 pages if you want to fully understand it.

I don't understand why Oracle metalink still uses plain text notes forcing to do some graphic to better explain something. I think some times you should create a pdf, instead of drawing some graphics.

I understand metalink does point 1, and sometimes 2, but I would like you understand my problem. People like me (small business) have to 1)design 2)program 3)dba work.
Then I come to a list like this and read about some internals, and I feel like a stupid because I don't understand principally where every one got that internal knowledge (for example x$tables structure, etc. ).
Then I try to find a source to understand and find a lot of metalink notes, that explain a very short and nice explanatiosn, but frequently requires test and time (I don't have) to fully understand. And I had understand in all this time, they have that knowledge, because they can do more test, share them, access some courses I can't access and metalink.


Received on Thu Jul 21 2005 - 11:39:17 CDT

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