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Re: Veritas global replicator

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Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 07:43:58 -0400
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It is my understanding that to have a standby regardless of the tool used you have to purchase oracle licenses so my question would be why buy a third party tool when a good solutiion is provided by oracle

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Are you using Data Guard now? Or are it just the specs that pleas you?

If you are using Data Guard: what requirements not met make you think of something else? It depends severely on your requirements what solution will suit you.

When you have unlimited bandwith and zero latency, storage replication might help, otherwise I do not know of a product/solution that is less demanding (bandwidth, resources on primary) whilst more offering (delayed redo application, opening for read/only) than Data Guard. A drawback can be the licensing issue, the standby needs to be fully licensed.

Storage replication needs to forward redo (redundant), datafiles and archives, often on a less granular scale than just plain disk blocks. Data Guard/hot standby just sends the redo. A delay in archival application has saved some of my customers quite nicely from a lot of work.

Find out your needs first. Make an inventory of causes for outages and disasters first, then decide how to deal with them (or not if that is too expensive. Let the mgmt. decide about that, don't take that burden yourself). High Availability shouldn't be driven by nice (read: well-marketed) products, but by requirements and good solutions.

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On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 00:03, David Turner wrote:

	Has anyone used veritas' global replicator? We are
	will be comparing it with Oracle Dataguard and I was
	curious if anyone could point me to good info on it or
	tell me your experience with the product? So far I've
	been pleased with Dataguard.
	Also if there are other products you recommend more
	for georedundant failover that would be appreciated.
	Thx, Dave
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