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RE: 64 node Oracle RAC Cluster (The reality of...)

From: Marquez, Chris <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 13:18:27 -0400
Message-ID: <B30C2483766F9342B6AEF108833CC84E0450BC5E@ecogenemld50.Org.Collegeboard.local>


Well said.

Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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From: on behalf of Kevin Closson Sent: Tue 6/21/2005 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: 64 node Oracle RAC Cluster (The reality of...)  

 > The biggest production RAC environment that I know of (in terms of nodes in the > cluster) is 48 - currently supported by some of the most talented DBAs on the
> planet at a well known online retailer.

...but I think this is a part of the point. It is likely you're talking about Amazon and yes, those guys are exceptional. It takes a team of this talent-level ( and some very close support of Oracle) to do something as complex as a 48 node RAC cluster.

The thread originated as a rhetorical question of how realistic such a thing would be. And, my $.02 is that it is not very realistic, even though folks like AMZN do it (sometimes man bites dog).

To address the actual marketing fluff that Sun put up which spawned the whole thread, one should consider total price. The piece pitted a large IBM SMP against a 64 node Opteron-based Sun RAC cluster. Presuming those are 2way Opterons, the list Oracle license cost would be $7,680,000. Then you have to figure out how to maintain it. No rolling upgrade (yes, I know there is Data Guard with SQL apply in 10g but that means 2 clusters now). And most critical updates (e.g., CPUJan2005) specifically state that they cannot be done in a rolling fashion.

I wont bring up scalability, because "good applications" do scale well with RAC...
and there is data-dependent request routing (application partitioning) if all else fails.

Kevin Closson
Chief Architect, Database Solutions

	John Smiley
	Technical Management Consultant
	TUSC, Inc.
	On 6/20/05, Marquez, Chris <> wrote: 

		=========== 4050521&Act=5
< =4050521&Act=5>                 

                Oracle - Sun Grid Computing                 

                While IBM's fastest computer costs you $5,041,771, for a Grid of 64 Sun Opteron Servers you spend only $504,567.                 

                You can adopt Grid technologies with minimal investment, zero disruption, and fast ROI, starting with three steps:                 

		Of course, you need to be willing to spend less.
		I have never put my hands on >2 node Oracle OPS-RAC
		I have only heard of a few *real world* production 4
node Oracle RAC Clusters.                 

                I can't really imagine the *true* reality, simplicity and power of 64 node RAC cluster.                 

                Maybe I just not a forward thinker....but I think this would be a big pain.                 

                Man...I love Oracle more just as much as anyone, but they need to put a cooler on their marketing dept.

                Sad thing is that those who love and know Oracle most, are most cynical about their advertisements!


                Was talking to some co-DBA's DBA said a funny thing;

                The only "silver bullet" Oracle has, is their User Manuals!"                 

                The more you read...the more you know...and the less you believe...                                  

		Chris Marquez
		Oracle DBA


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