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RE: databases per dba

From: Murching, Bob <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 23:11:37 -0400
Message-ID: <>

DBAs here remain busy even if the systems they support are firing on all cylinders. The reason is that our DBAs often play a lead role in deciding the interplay between technologies and solutions when architecting a system. Why? Because in our organization, DBAs have by far the broadest technology background--therefore they are asked to leverage their perceptiveness in areas outside traditional DBA duties.


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From: 	Spears, Brian []
Sent:	Tue Jun 14 17:31:13 2005
To:;; Oracle List
Subject:	RE: databases per dba

That's real nice...dba feet up..where the H*ll are those guys... We have DB' the hundreds... And just tack on that simple support stuff and then get us to do the work DBA's implementing new systems. Never...never,,never idle. We have gotten problem pages down to a few a month, but 3 years ago the dba pager was always going off. Because our systems are so sensitive... We have all kinds of change control, and procedures to follow to make sure things are stable and go in stable. Heavy pressure from big projects often override the procedure then we just work by the seat of our pants.
If you do things properly...most times I could see several hundred databases to be supported by a single person...but that's the DB's that have been tuned and stablized. Also it depends how well setup your infrastructure is. We built a nice push button backup recovery system that never has a backup fail or issues with restore. Controlling SLA expectionations is also an important part of maintaining systems. Of course, you may need extra support during various times like mass upgrades etc. brian  

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From: [] On Behalf Of Hollis, Les
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 9:40 AM
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Subject: RE: databases per dba

Always heard that the best DBA is the one that can sit at his/her desk and drink coffee and read the paper with feet propped up. Means he's on top of it and has everything running smoothly.

Much better that type than one that is constantly running around putting out fires.....

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[] On Behalf Of Michael McMullen Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 7:57 AM
To: Oracle List
Subject: Re: databases per dba

We have 17 and it's just me. I work in a large organization where capital expenditure is usually not a problem. Harder to hire a person than buy a new server. Hence there is usually one server per database. Apps that are stable and have no development, I might log into the database once every six months. So there is really only a few databases that take up all my time. It seems like the more development/ever changing volumes there is on a database, the more it takes up my time. A static database requires very little maintenance.

> Just curious, for those that have so many DBs per DBA -- how to you
> effectively support them all in 1 day? Automation is going to help but
> there are still issues that arise...i.e. performance issues, bugs, bad
> change mgmt practices, users just being users, etc...=3D20
> Thanks!=3D20



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