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Re: RAC configuration Sun Cluster v. Veritas

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 18:41:49 -0600
Message-ID: <>


You've narrowed it down quite nicely in your requirements. You mentioned "either Oracle9i or 10g", and that is the key ambiguity, so to speak.

On 10g RAC, you have the choice of the following clustering options:

On 9i RAC, you have the following clustering options:

The Veritas solution is the only option common to both 9i and 10g, providing a CFS (clustered file system) in both environments. Note also that using Sun Cluster for Solaris 8 or 9 still requires Veritas clustered volume manager, so when you're on 9i RAC, you've got no choice but to invite Veritas to the party, even if using Sun Cluster.

Sun just introduced a clustered volume manager of its own (Solaris volume mgr or SVM) and a clustered file system (QFS) with Solaris 10, whilst SFRAC (formerly DBE/AC) has been out and about for several years, and is on its third major release (i.e. 3.5, 4.0, 4.1). Similarly to Sun's SVM and QFS, this is the "dot-oh" release of Oracle's clustering option.

Hope this helps...


on 5/31/05 4:56 PM, Steve McClure at wrote:

> Long time no see folks,
> I've been away from the list since I got my position in damagement, but now
> I'm looking for some of your wise folks opinion on our imminent RAC on
> Solaris implementation.
> Essentially we're weighing the pros and cons of using Sun Cluster and
> leveraging the file management capabilities in 10g or throwing the Veritas
> Solution at the Cluster and file system management issues. I'm personally
> thinking the Veritas route would simplify administration once we got past
> the installation and management learning curve. I also think that the Sun
> Cluster approach might not be as robust as the Veritas solution, but it
> would reduce the number of chefs in the kitchen.
> I'm a firm believer that simpler is better, but I'm not sure which solution
> will eventually be simpler.
> I guess I should add at least a few details about the environment. We will
> be using Oracle 9i or 10g on Solaris 9 running on a two node cluster sharing
> a fibre channel array (Storedge 3510).
> I'm hoping to gain the benefit of some of your folk's experience with RAC on
> Solaris and share your opinions with our DBA and our System Admin.
> Thanks,
> Steve McClure
> Once Upon a time DBA and Oracle Certified Professional
> (really I have a certificate and everything)
> --

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