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Re: Oracle Streams vs Advanced Replication

From: David Turner <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 11:18:51 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

What are those issues? I wanted to gun for Streams so we don't have to go thru the process again. I've heard all kinds of bad things about Advanced rep and I think the trigger based architecture is poor. Seeing Streams made me think Oracle was on the right track. However, I haven't heard many people using it in production and hesitate being the guinea pig.

> Recently we implemented Quest Shareplex too (just
> for migration purpose)
> Ask yourself these questions before you decide
> between these two.
> 1)What kind of replication you are taking about?=20
> Uni-directional or Bi-directional
> Synchronous or Asynchronous

Bidirectional, Async, we'd like to limit propagation delay to a few seconds though:)

> 2) Do you update the same data in more than one
> database?
> hot-hot or hot-warm(like primary and DR site kind
> of)

Yes , it would be a master master setup. We could partition the data to reduce conflict resolution issues.
> 3)What is the Oracle version you will be using to
> implement this solution?
> I heard 10g streams are much better compare to 9i.
> We do have some
> issues with 9i streams (like runaway process,etc
> where the capture
> process is running)

> 4) Are you going to implement this in clustered
> environment?
> If you are using 9i streams, it cannot mine redo
> logs. It can mine
> only archive redo logs.

Non clustered
> 5)How ofter you will be making structural changes to
> replicated objects?
> If you are using OAR, you have quiesce the database
> group where you
> are making structural changes. All the replication
> sites are NOT
> available for DML changes for that replication
Very infrequently and we may have a nightly window of 3 hours for changes. Can't count on it. At least we should have 3 hours a mth for structural changes.
> group.
> Regards,
> Sami
> On 5/20/05, David Turner <> wrote:
> > I'm working on a project that will use Oracle with
> > some type of replication, either at the
> application
> > layer, using advanced rep, or Oracle Streams.
> >=20
> > I've heard Advanaced Rep is resource intensive and
> > often slow to propagate changes at high volumes of
> > transactions. Is there anyone out there using
> Oracle
> > Streams in a production environment with
> transaction
> > rates approaching 300 inserts a second?
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