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RE: Cost Based Optimizer

From: Terry Barnett <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 20:19:14 +0100
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The suggestion of the use of different bind values (after cursor aging or invalidation) causing the change in execution plan seems a very logical one. This certainly fits the sort of behavior that we are experiencing.=20

Thanks for all the comments.


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From: Wolfgang Breitling []=20 Sent: 20 May 2005 18:39
To: Mladen Gogala
Cc: Terry Barnett; Subject: Re: Cost Based Optimizer

Just like index or table access costs are influenced by a number of=20 factors (i.e. object statistics), other operations such as hash joins,=20 SM joins and plain sorts are influenced by a number of factors, just=20 like the actual operation itself. In order to make sorts faster, you=20 give it a larger sort_area_size. The optimizer knows that as well.=20 Larger sort_area_size, hash_area_size, hash_multiblock_IO_count (now an=20 underscore parameter), etc affect the cost of those operations and thus=20 can affect the plan chosen. However, unless you change any of those=20 parameters, the cost of the related operations does not change and thus=20 will not cause a change in plan.
Right now my money is on reparsing with different BV values causing the=20 change in plan. Reparsing could be caused by the sql aging out of the=20 shared pool or being invalidated by some action.

Mladen Gogala wrote:

> Wolfgang Breitling wrote:

>> The scenario could be that over=20
>> night the sql with the plan ages out of the shared pool and the next=20
>> morning it gets re-parsed by the first person to use that sql. Then,=20
>> because of the BV and cursor sharing, the plan gets locked-in until=20
>> the sql ages out again.
> Wolfgang, can you comment a bit on Christian's statement about memory=20
> allocation influencing SQL
> execution plan?


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