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Re: 10g System statistics - single and multi

From: Martic Zoran <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 02:13:09 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

Thank you Wolfgang,

That never pops up in my head even I am suggesting RAC to our customers.
This is maybe because the optimizer and system statistic problems are so minor when have all that money and HA problems in your head in regard to RAC.

Also old fashion usage of SQL's with hints (working good for much longer time - no good for cosnultants) while having very poor DBA's on the other side or not enough knowledge on your side to surrender to Oracle optimizer fully :)

How ugly is to not have the system statistics for RAC is hard to imagine.

That is probably coming from the fact that Oracle wants load balancing on RAC and not application partitioning that usually every smart system is doing. Also the fact that Oracle assumtpion was similar HW is added to the RAC.
But, after putting these few sentences I think that the Oracle team who provided system statistics just forgot RAC :)

A few months ago, I needed to prove Oracle sales person why it is not the same running RAC and single instance database, because I was sick of their showcase where RAC on the cluster showing over-scalability with scale factor bigger then 2 on the two node cluster.

Or to not mention Oracle ideas of having multiple servers of different capacity in the cluster.

It is hard to imagine how narrow minded you need to be to not consider RAC while doing system statistics coding for Oracle db.
I can be narrow minded because I am one and stupid, but not Oracle where system statistics come from :) How complex was to Oracle to have a few more rows for multiple instances????

These system statistics are similar in 9i and 10g. It will be interesting to see what is happened with them in 10g R2.

Anyway, RAC system statistics will be very good start as you said.

Zoran Martic

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