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RE: RMAN backup to OCFS failed

From: Zhai Jingmin <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 18:06:57 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

Many thanks!
I got very valuable information from you.And what's your opinion about comparison between ASM and OCFS?Is ASM better in performance? Thanks again.  

"Marquez, Chris" <> wrote:

>> Anyone encounter these problems?

>> 'drop tablespace xxx including contents and datafiles;'
>> ORA-01265: Unable to delete LOG /U01/oradata/test01.dbf
>> ORA-27056: could not delete file
>> Linux Error: 16: Device or resource busy


Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (Taroon) Oracle 9205
Oracle Cluster Manager 9205
Oracle OCFS-Oracle Cluster FileSystem 1.0.13-PROD1: ocfs-2.4.21-EL-smp-1.0.13-1 ocfs-support-1.0.10-1

I don't want to bash OCFS because it works very well for the price we paid for it (zero $$). But it have its administrative issues...specifically I say administrative because we had not had bug issues so far.

Performance is not great...much slower than a OS buffer filesystem like EXT3...and IMHO slower than RAW.

- Archive logging to OCFS is not recommend as stated by Oracle clearly.
- RMAN Backup & Restore to OCFS is painfully slow.
- Cutting a disk (array) into two partitions OCFS and another (i.e. EXT3) is a really bad idea as both will perform slower.

Oracle + OCFS for some reason is incapable of removing the files itself and this is a valid option for Oracle9i and works with other OS/Filesystem...for us it just hangs. We had tried to "rm" the files manually that had clearly eliminated the from the database (data dictionary) and the instance died/terminated when we tried to remove old datafile...some process still hanging on to it. (mv, cp, rm, commands are not directly support against OCFS...see comment below).

It seems files size has something to do with it. Our "work around" is (sadly) this.

Say files /o04/oradata/orcl/index_01.dbf was 1GB and part of the index tablespace. We drop the tablespace and the datafile from the database but the file remain on OCFS.

Next we create a new tablespace reusing the same file but much smaller! SQL> create tablespace to_drop datafile
'/o04/oradata/orcl/index_01.dbf' size 1m reuse, '/o04/oradata/orcl/index_02.dbf' size 1m reuse extent management local uniform size 10k

The we drop the new *small* tablespace and datafiles and OCFS seems to be ok doing this. SQL> drop tablespace to_drop including contents and datafiles

>>||Version 1.1.2 solved some of our ocfs-problems under SLES8. I would like to know if Version 1.1.2 solved this!?

There is some every good OCFS do's and don't's active out on that you *should* read. I your simply can find them email me directly and I will send them directly; OCFS - RAC - RHAS_best_practices.htm

OTN - OCFS - Talking Linux - Update on OCFS by Wim Coekaerts.htm

METALINK - OCFS - Update on OCFS for Linux.htm
METALINK - OCFS - Supported and Recommended File System on Unbreakable Linux.htm
METALINK - OCFS - Comparing Performance Between RAW IO vs OCFS vs EXT2-3.htm
METALINK - OCFS - Oracle Cluster File System-OCFS Red Hat AS - FAQ.htm
METALINK - OCFS - FAQ Oracle Cluster File System OCFS on RedHat Advanced Server.htm
METALINK - Linux OCFS - Best Practices - Red Hat Advanced Server.htm


Welcome to
This is the home of Oracle's Linux Projects development group. Our focus is to enhance and improve Linux in the interest of making Oracle products perform better, faster, and more reliably.

OCFS Users Guide


Chris Marquez
Oracle DBA

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From: on behalf of Zhai Jingmin Sent: Mon 5/9/2005 6:07 AM
To: BRUDER ING. Daniela; Subject: RE: RMAN backup to OCFS failed

Thanks,I'll try this.
"BRUDER ING. Daniela" wrote:There is a newer version of ocfs-tools and ocfs-support than 1.0.10 under

Version 1.1.2 solved some of our ocfs-problems under SLES8.


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Von: [] Im Auftrag von Zhai Jingmin Gesendet: Montag, 09. Mai 2005 11:01
Betreff: RMAN backup to OCFS failed

Hi list,
we are testing 10g RAC building on OCFS volume,backend is EMC|Dell CX500.Database version is rpm packages used to install OCFS is:


The linux box is RHEL3 update4, kernel version is 2.4.21-27.0.2.ELsmp. We found following problem:
1.The 'drop tablespace xxx including contents and datafiles;' cannot delete physical file from OCFS volumn.The error is: ORA-01265: Unable to delete LOG /U01/oradata/test01.dbf ORA-27056: could not delete file
Linux Error: 16: Device or resource busy

2.RMAN cannot backup to OCFS volumn:
ORA-27061: waiting for async I/Os failed Linux Error: 1: Operation not permitted

sometime the 'Linux Error' is device not exist.

Anyone encounter these problems?
I searched through OCFS mailing list on,but got no clue.Then I created a TAR on Metalink,still got nothing from them. Any suggestion is appreciated.Thanks in advance.


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