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Re: slightly OT: another free oracle resource profiler

From: Martic Zoran <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:16:15 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

Well said Connor.

These tools are very good but for more advanced Oracle technicians tkprof + v$ views + simple OS commands are giving you all the necessary info for free. Need to admit that only ugly thing for me is to get graph representation in Excell for the spread of time spent on some action/SQL/...

At the end without understanding what is application doing you are not going to understand fully the profiler results either.

Usual target should be people without good Oracle understanding where they can just switch tracing and get nice graphs and info about what is the problem. But at the end my understanding that these tools are more used by people who understand what they are or people who admire people working in these companies.

For example it will be nice to hear some statistics details who is using Hotsos profiler and how? I bet that it is more about good companies with good Oracle DBA/Developers then vice versa. These people/companies usually want to excell in the Oracle area.

Also the point that the tool needs to be in some specific language is not telling anything about the tool.
Just to tell that Java has proper bulk DML API while Perl does not, so Java will in most of the batch processing beat Perl in pure Oracle interaction processing. Try to insert 100k records in java and in Perl and see the difference.

Of course Perl will be the winner when doing simple DBA scripting tasks, as Oracle using Perl for EM 10g Control to gather OS/db info/stats, while using Java technology for iAS/EM console GUI and so on.

So, I will not protect neither Java or Perl profilers or some other language profilers, if they are doing the great job to give you good info and give you nice graphs/statistics to show somebody.

Zoran Martic

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