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Re: RMAN via EM nowork after patch applied

From: mhthomas <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:13:10 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Good point. I don't often use templates. In this case I dbca created an entirely new database, and adjusted the parameters as needed. Do I need to run catpatch on a new dbca database created from scratch after s/w patch? I hope not, because the new db (created from scratch) has got 0 invalid objects and its looking good already. :-)

I'm running impdp API for datapump (requires with an 'exclude schema' option. There is actually an 'exclude' command in impdp command line, but no 'exclude' in API metadata_filter, rather you can only 'NOT IN ('schema'...)' with same effect.

The problem was EM directory left under db_1 home after> patch with same name as new dbca database. Hosed my setup. I dropped the EM directory, dropped new database files from ASM and OS, and created again from scratch. Its working now and we closed the TAR. However, the EM analyst said I still needed to run the following on my new dbca database created /after/ patch:

Note: Patch (only) has a few extra EM steps regarding TZ.
These steps are required after new dbca install, as suggested
by OEM analyst from Oracle in followup to our TAR 4394490.995.
TZ=3DEST5EDT; export TZ
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl stop dbconsole    {already shutdown?, check}
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl resetTZ agent
sqlplus SYSMAN/sysman_password
exec mgmt_target.set_agent_tzrgn('pilot.calgb:1830','EST5EDT')
emctl start dbconsole

Thanks, pd.=20


Mike Thomas

On 4/15/05, Paul Drake <> wrote:

> On 4/14/05, mhthomas <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Installed S/W for 10g Standard Edition, RAC/ASM.
> > Installed patchset.
> > Created new dbca database, started dbconsole, attempted backup to
> > either disk or tape, same problem, backup job fails to submit in EM:
> >
> > The job submission has failed for the following reason=3D20
> > ORA-20900: Could not find credential set DBHostCreds for=3D20
> > target type rac_database ORA-06512: at "SYSMAN.MGMT_CREDENTIAL",=3D20
> > line 688 ORA-06512: at "SYSMAN.MGMT_CREDENTIAL", line 1351=3D20
> > ORA-06512: at "SYSMAN.MGMT_JOBS", line 285 ORA-06512:=3D20
> > at "SYSMAN.MGMT_JOBS", line 78 ORA-06512: at line 1 =3D20
> >
> > Has anyone seen this yet? I opened a TAR, but its not good to get this
> > basic sort of problem when creating a new database after a major
> > patchset (in my opinion).
> >
> > Any help appreciated. :-)
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Mike Thomas
> Mike,
> Did you use the datafiles included in a template (.dfj) or did you
> choose to create the datafiles from scratch?
> If you used datafiles from a template, you need to run catpatch
> against it after it has been created.
> You probably already did that, but just in case.
> The view DBA_REGISTRY may provide further info.
> hth.
> Paul
> --
Received on Fri Apr 15 2005 - 15:20:17 CDT

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