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Re: 10g & partitioning

From: mhthomas <>
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 13:26:18 -0400
Message-ID: <>


On Apr 9, 2005 12:06 PM, mhthomas <> wrote:
> in-line
> On Apr 8, 2005 11:27 PM, Wolfgang Breitling <> wrote:
> The pricelist might be a better reference when trying to convince your
> managers. ;-)

I /correct/ my earlier statement, sorry. ;-)

The document in first link I posted earlier also mentions in the comments block that Partitioning is an extra cost option. It just does not specify whether cost is for the SE (column marked 'N' without specifying if its a feature or option), or EE (column marked 'Y' without specifying if its a feature or option), or both (without comment stating feature or option). This document creates confusion by combining features and options, and it conflicts with the the price list which seems clear about partitioning as EE extra cost option.

I think Leyi can use the 1st document link I posted to make an argument that Partitioning is free with EE by comparing the 'Y' and 'N' markings with Enterprise Manager (Manageability Packs). As I understand:

Wolfgang's link says EE Partitioning and Manageability Packs are extra cost option for EE.

The document at my first link misleads about Manageability Packs. Why is SE marked 'N' (without specifying its a feature or option) and EE marked 'Y' (without specifying its a feature or option), and the comment block says 'Extra Cost Option'? Does this mean Manageability Packs are /not/ an available feature on SE, or an extra cost option? I think Manageablity Packs are an available feature on SE, correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore, I think Oracle mixes 'Y' and 'N' as feature and/or option on various rows in this document.

The pricelist does not list Manageablity Packs in the section on EE options. And does not state if they are included in EE, either. The pricelist mentions Manageability Packs separately. For example, does this means if we click on DbConsole 'Access Advisor' in an EE database we are supposed to pay Oracle for an extra cost option, because 'Access Advisor' is a component of Manageability Packs?

Therefore, the references seem to conflict because of the following document :

As long as this document persists, then I think Leyi is justified to argue the point about Partitioning and Manageabilit Packs being clearly marked 'Y' (argueable as either features or options) under EE, assuming whatever we like about 'Y' being a feature or option (unless I'm wrong and Manageability Packs are not a feature in SE).

Good luck.


Mike Thomas

PS: Only my opinions and arguments, and not necessarily correct.

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