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RE: Oracle on VMS?

From: Wolfson Larry - lwolfs <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:15:59 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Hey Paul, How you doing?

>From my 2003 MOUG trip report

" Scaling the Amazon Platform - Matt Swann

Required to service billions of customers Amazon is using 9i RAC (9.2) on Linux.
Amazon reduced overall technology expenses 25% moving to Linux. Matt had lots of interesting things to say about Amazon, but he spent 1/3 of the time raving about Linux. Like "The Linux Effect - Volume Up Costs Down". Linux had minimal scaling up to 4 servers.

Matt said they averaged 537 changes per day/year and unfortunately they all didn't work as well as in their lab. He said some got fixed and some got backed out."

        Also a buddy running with Red Hat said the same thing about scaling.

        Larry Wolfson

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I'm soliciting backup for a recommendation NOT to migrate our Oracle10g databases to a VMS cluster that our parent company is installing in a new data center. I'm thoroughly convinced that it's not the way to go (I'm planning to use RAC on Linux), but the more ammunition I have, the better. Do we have any VMS users who can relate their experiences regarding release availability, technical resources at Oracle, etc.? On the flip side, do we have anyone on the list who has chosen VMS for a new Oracle deployment?


Paul Baumgartel

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