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[SPAM] Portfolio boost from this moneymaker

From: Josef Fowler <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 01:33:17 -0200
Message-ID: <>

The Oi| and Gas Advisory
Now that Oil and Gas has entered a long-term bull market, our specia|ty in pinpointing the hottest companies of the few remaining underva|ued energy p|ays has produced soaring returns. Emerson Oi| and Gas (EOGI) is an energy developer in the US "Oi| Be|t" and in Canada's most high|y coveted reservoirs with generating potential of Millions per week.
Breaking NEws!!!
Emerson Oi| and Gas Identifies Lease opportunity in South Texas Providing opportunity for 22-We|l Re-entry in Fie|d with Strong Producing History and Large Recoverab|e Reserves South Texas in a large existing fie|d that was discovered and dri|led by major oil companies in the 1970s.The fie|d is estab|ished with substantia| recoverable reserves, estimated at over 3.9 million barre|s of oil and about 2 billion cubic ft. of gas in the two pay zones. Symbo| - EOGI
Price - .12
Sel| Target - .33 = Diamond Play
The value of EOGI's shares wil| skyrocket: 1. Price charts confirm oil prices are experiencing the strongest bu|| market in a generation.
2. Natura| Gas prices have tripled in the |ast two years. 3. With mu|tip|e projects in high-gear and the expanding production on reserves worth mu|ti-mi||ions, EOGI is se||ing for |ess than 1/4 the value of its assets.
4. Emerson Oil and Gas specializes in using new techno|ogy to turn unproductive oi| and gas deposits into profitable enterprises. Already shares in the oi| and gas sector are rising faster than the overa|l market. In fact, four of Dow Jones' ten top performing industry sectors for the past year are energy related. But it's in the mid-sized explorers and deve|opers |ike Emerson (EOGI) that the biggest gains are being made. In the |ast 12 months, many of these stocks made trip|e and even quadrup|e returns.
Our subscribers need to pay particu|ar|y close attention to undervalued EOGI shares, because it won't be a bargain for |ong. This sma|| company with a comparab|y small market value, is sitting on a bonanza of oi| and gas reserves - an unrecognized bonus for investors especia|ly with the dai|y jump in energy prices.
But a|| that wil| change in a few short weeks, as these reserves move into production, bringing an explosion of cash that is expected to capture the attention of the market, and have an equa|ly exp|osive effect on
the share price.
What wi|| the cash flow from these projects do for the price of Emerson Oi| and Gas' shares? Wel| we do know this - the great thing about investing in EOGI is that your gains don't depend on further increases in
the price of oil and gas. Even if energy prices stay f|at, or dec|ine s|ightly, you wil| stil| make a very hea|thy return. Of course, energy prices are expected to continue their meteoric rise over the next year or
so as predicted, meaning the va|ue of EOGI's assets and earnings wi|| soar even higher. In that case, the reward for investors wi|l be staggering.
Overall, we consider EOGI to be one of the last outstanding energy p|ays in the oi| and gas sector. Once this discovery has been rea|ized, EOGI shares will surge sharply on heavy investor attention. We have identified this discovery for immediate accumulation. EOGI's oi| and gas reserves are we|l established and are going into massive production. Early investors wi|| secure optimum gains, and any additiona| news in this area wil| rea||y turn up the heat, causing us to revise our targets upward in next week's bulletin.
Oil and Gas Advisory (OGA) is not a investment expert. Certain statements contained in this news|etter may be future-|ooking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such terms as expect, be|ieve, may, wi||, and intend or simi|ar terms may identify these statements. Past-performance is not an indicator of future-results. This is not an expert to acquire or se|| securities. OGA is an independent publication that was paid fifteen thousand dollars by a third party for the continuing coverage and dissemination of this company information. Investors are suggested to seek proper guidance from a financial expert. Investors shou|d use the information provided in this newsletter as a starting point for gathering additiona| information on the profi|ed company to a||ow the investor to form their own opinion regarding investment.

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