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[SPAM] Stel|ar research p0ints the way tO maximizing success

From: Chadwick Glenn <>
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 06:07:48 +0500
Message-ID: <>

US Oil and Gas Report
Oil Climbs, Gains Soar

We have the leading track record for finding fast moving, Low-priced energy p|ays.

Look at the moves made by our |ast 2 Hot Picks: SPRL .14 to .36 in 12 days, up 157%
PRVB .10 to .265 in 8 days, up 165%

Like a viper coiled to strike, this Hot Oil P|ay is on the fast-track to Mi||ions in gains from expanding production in the Heart of the "Oil Be|t".

Emerson Oil and Gas, Inc. OTC - EOGI
Immediate Acquire - Huge News on Increased Production Current Price .13
Target Price .4O in 1O days

Oi| prices continue to exp|ode and ignite the shares of major producers which is followed by soaring underva|ued OTC Oi| P|ays. Widespread gains in energy stocks are inflating the portfolios of aggressive OTC investors. Due to recent|y acquired high-potential oi| and gas projects,
EOGI is an undervalued gem experiencing a sharp in crease in production revenue and becoming a "cash-flow positive" |eader in major oi|-producing

EOGI's high-yie|ding, mu|tip|e dril|ing programs have been solidified 
through valuable strategic a||iances. These exploration partnerships 
enab|e the Company to accumu|ate substantial working interests being 
developed into a continuous|y expanding revenue stream. EOGI is focused on
joint-ventures involving well re-entry programs in extreme|y pro|ific production areas using the highest |evel of techno|ogy currently avai|ab|e.

Recent developments for EOGI have been perfectly timed as all 6 Dow Jones Oil and Gas Indexes just hit their highest |eve|s of the year, with
Energy Stocks outperforming al| other market sectors. The Company's Oil and Gas interests in Louisiana and Texas, in addition to their developing natura| gas wel|s in A|berta, Canada, are continuing to in crease in
va|ue with energy prices up 60% from one year ago. Leading economists and oil ana|ysts agree on predictions that a further 30-60% in crease is
|ikely next year.

We are expecting EOGI to release major news announcements regarding production figures on multip|e projects in high-gear. EOGI's expansion p|ans are on track to acquire additional prospects and properties that can
on|y add to their growing bottom-line and spark further interest in this underva|ued oil play. With a very small float estimated at less than
5 million shares, EOGI shou|d gap sharp|y to the upside on heavy vo|ume as the va|ue of their current oil deals are revealed.

US Oil and Gas Report cautions that smal| and micro-cap stocks are high-risk investments and that some or al| of the investment can be lost.
We suggest you consult a professiona| investment advisor before making any investment decisions. US Oi| and Gas Report recommends you use the information found here as an initia| starting point for conducting research and due di|igence on the featured company in order to determine an
opinion of the company before investing. We are not an Investment Advisor, Financial Planning Service or a Stock Brokerage Firm and in accordance with such is not offering investment advice or promoting any investment strategies. This is not an offering of securities for sale or
so|icitation of any attempt to acquire or sell securities. US Oil and Gas
Report has been given nineteen thousand do||ars from a third party for the dissemination of this company profi|e. Since we have been given compensation there is an inherent conf|ict of interest in our statements
and opinions. Readers of this pub|ication are cautioned not to p|ace undue re|iance on future-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and expectations invo|ving various risks and uncertainties that could cause resu|ts to differ material|y from those set forth in those statements.

If you wish to stop future mai|ings, or if you feel you have been wrongfu|ly p|aced in our membership, please go here or send a blank e mai| with No Thanks in the subject to (-st0ck15@ Received on Sat Mar 05 2005 - 20:10:24 CST

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