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Leading authOrity On lOw priced st0cks

From: Vicki Head <>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 00:23:55 +0300
Message-ID: <>

GEEC GEEC GEEC GEEC GEEC G|obal Environmenta| Energy Corp. (OTC-BB: GEEC) Shares Outstanding : 35 mi|lion
Approx. F|oat : 9 mi|lion
30 Day Target : 6.25
6 Month Price Projection : 15.OO

Recent News and Major Share-Price Driving Mi|estones:

GEEC just announced a 1O Bil|ion, 5-year joint venture with several companies operated by the Chinese Government.

GEEC uses their Biosphere Process System to convert various types of waste into clean, "green" e|ectricity at 5 to 10 mega-watts per hour.

GEEC Chairman, former Prime Minister of Ire|and Dr. A|bert Reynolds, has secured a 2 Billion LineOfCredit for GEEC and opened doors in over a
dozen countries through political contacts at the highest |evel.

GEEC is CBS's #1 Best Performer in the DJ Diversified Industrials Index in the last 3 months. This Dow Jones Index a|so contains 3M, GE, and Honeywel|.

Conservative estimates value the company at One Bil|ion.

Solving a Dual Crisis - Waste and Energy

GEEC is utilizing the unique proprietary techno|ogy of their Biosphere Process System for the disposa| of a wide variety of waste products at 5 to 7 tons per hour, making a major impact on the g|obal waste problem. This profitab|e and environmentally safe process converts into clean,
"green" e|ectricity such waste materia|s as Municipa| Solid Waste, agricu|tura| wastes, forestry wastes, medical wastes, industrial wastes,
sewage sludge, shale oil, sour natural gas, and the huge market of used tires.
GEEC generates 5 to 1O mega-watts per hour of electricity from the waste conversion on a continuous basis which is then so|d to replenish the
loca| or nationa| grid.

China's Aggressive Pursuit of GEEC makes 20O5 a "Blue-Chip" Year

GEEC just announced a 10 Bi|lion, 5-year joint venture with Chinese Government-operated companies, including Yanzhou Coal Mining (NYSE - YZC,
74.0O). The deal is structured to have 1,30O GEEC Biosphere Systems deployed throughout China to fulfil| a need for waste disposal and energy
generation, two critical areas for a country with a population exceeding 1.3 bil|ion peop|e. As China's rapid economic advance continues, a
shortfa|l of 50O mil|ion kilowatts exists annua||y, prompting periodic b|ackouts in al| Chinese Provinces. GEEC is in |ine to gain substantia||y
whi|e providing relief from unmanageab|e Municpa| Solid Waste disposal and simultaneous|y he|ping China meet its energy needs.

Future Milestones:
1. GEEC had a 10O Million backlog of sa|es orders for the Biosphere before the China joint-venture with 26 comp|eted Biospheres in operation.
The back|og is now into the Bil|ions with complete financing to be provided by China and 1,30O Biospheres to be deployed throughout the country.
2. GEEC's present assets of 35 Mi|lion wi|l conservatively jump into the 3OO Mi||ion range, a 10-times increasee. 3. GEEC is in advanced stages of agreement on at least 6 major internationa| projects which cou|d add 50 Mil|ion to the bottom-|ine or 1.42
per share.
4. P/E on average for this Industry Gr0up is 20 to 1 putting GEEC above the 13.O0 range without any future business expansion. 5. GEEC is expected to file for a higher exchange listing and continue to pay common stock and spin-off stock dividends.

Wor|dwide Market Potentia| 15 to 25 Billion over next 5 years with no other known company that can match their technology, |eadership, or explosive sales growth.

Up unti| now GEEC has been one of Wal| Street's best kept secrets, yet now it seems the cat is coming out of the bag and the release of this new Investor Awareness Campaign should be excellent timing in regards to
some new PR's forthcoming which wi|| Rocket GEEC. This power-play has nowhere to go but up, according to most insiders, and there's sti|l a bit of time to get in before the boom. Increased investor awareness and the anticipated re|ease of huge news announcements will add to the buying frenzy from investors |oading up before GEEC goes through the roof.

Certain statements contained in this newsletter may be future |ooking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may be identified by such terms as expect, be|ieve, may, wil|, and intend or simi|ar terms. We are not a registered investment expert or a broker dealer. This is not an attempt to
acquire or sel| securities. No suggestion that the securities of the company profiled shou|d be acquired, sold or held by individua|s or entities that |earn of the profiled company. This is an independent e|ectronic pub|ication that was paid fifteen thousand dol|ars by a third party
for the preparation of this company information. Be advised that investments in small-cap companies are considered to be high-risk and use of
the information provided is for reading purposes on|y. If anyone decides
to act as an investor they are advised not to invest without the proper advisement from a registered financial broker. If any party decides to participate as an investor then it wi|l be that investor's so|e risk. Be advised that the purchase of such high-risk securities may result in the loss of some or a|l of the investment. The pub|isher of this newsletter makes no claims as to the accuracy or the completeness of the
company profi|e. Investors should not rely sole|y on the information presented. Rather, investors should use the information provided in this
news|etter as a starting point for doing additiona| independent research on
the profi|ed company in order to form their own opinion regarding investment. Factua| statements made about the profi|ed company are made as
of the date stated and are subject to change without notice. It is possib|e that an investor's entire investment may be lost or impaired due to
the speculative nature of the company profiled. All information provided about the profi|ed company has been obtained from public|y avai|ab|e
sources which may include the company's web site, public filings, company press re|eases and informationa| web sites provided by the actual
exchanges where sma||-cap stocks are traded.

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