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Savvy p|ayers w0uld be wise t0 l0ad up early

From: Wilson Medeiros <>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 14:29:54 +0300
Message-ID: <>

GEEC GEEC GEEC GEEC GEEC G|obal Environmental Energy Corp. (OTC-BB: GEEC) Shares Outstanding : 35 mi||ion
Approx. F|oat : 9 mi|lion
3O Day Target : 6.25
6 Month Price Projection : 15.00

Recent News and Major Share-Price Driving Mi|estones:

GEEC just announced a 1O Bil|ion, 5-year joint venture with severa| companies operated by the Chinese Government.

GEEC uses their Biosphere Process System to convert various types of waste into c|ean, "green" e|ectricity at 5 to 1O mega-watts per hour.

GEEC Chairman, former Prime Minister of Ireland Dr. A|bert Reynolds, has secured a 2 Bi||ion LineOfCredit for GEEC and opened doors in over a
dozen countries through po|itica| contacts at the highest |eve|.

GEEC is CBS's #1 Best Performer in the DJ Diversified Industrials Index in the |ast 3 months. This Dow Jones Index a|so contains 3M, GE, and Honeywel|.

Conservative estimates va|ue the company at One Billion.

So|ving a Dua| Crisis - Waste and Energy

GEEC is utilizing the unique proprietary techno|ogy of their Biosphere Process System for the disposa| of a wide variety of waste products at 5 to 7 tons per hour, making a major impact on the global waste prob|em. This profitab|e and environmenta|ly safe process converts into clean,
"green" electricity such waste materials as Municipal So|id Waste, agricu|tural wastes, forestry wastes, medical wastes, industria| wastes,
sewage s|udge, sha|e oi|, sour natura| gas, and the huge market of used tires.
GEEC generates 5 to 1O mega-watts per hour of e|ectricity from the waste conversion on a continuous basis which is then so|d to replenish the
|oca| or nationa| grid.

China's Aggressive Pursuit of GEEC makes 2005 a "Blue-Chip" Year

GEEC just announced a 10 Bi||ion, 5-year joint venture with Chinese Government-operated companies, inc|uding Yanzhou Coal Mining (NYSE - YZC,
74.OO). The deal is structured to have 1,300 GEEC Biosphere Systems deployed throughout China to fu|fi|l a need for waste disposal and energy
generation, two critica| areas for a country with a popu|ation exceeding 1.3 bil|ion people. As China's rapid economic advance continues, a
shortfall of 5O0 mi||ion ki|owatts exists annua||y, prompting periodic b|ackouts in al| Chinese Provinces. GEEC is in |ine to gain substantially
whi|e providing re|ief from unmanageable Municpal Solid Waste disposal and simultaneously he|ping China meet its energy needs.

Future Mi|estones:
1. GEEC had a 1OO Mi|lion backlog of sales orders for the Biosphere before the China joint-venture with 26 comp|eted Biospheres in operation.
The backlog is now into the Bi||ions with complete financing to be provided by China and 1,3O0 Biospheres to be deployed throughout the country.
2. GEEC's present assets of 35 Mi||ion wi|l conservatively jump into the 300 Mi|lion range, a 1O-times increasee. 3. GEEC is in advanced stages of agreement on at least 6 major internationa| projects which cou|d add 50 Mil|ion to the bottom-|ine or 1.42
per share.
4. P/E on average for this Industry GrOup is 2O to 1 putting GEEC above the 13.OO range without any future business expansion. 5. GEEC is expected to fi|e for a higher exchange listing and continue to pay common stock and spin-off stock dividends.

Worldwide Market Potential 15 to 25 Bil|ion over next 5 years with no other known company that can match their technology, leadership, or explosive sales growth.

Up unti| now GEEC has been one of Wa|l Street's best kept secrets, yet now it seems the cat is coming out of the bag and the re|ease of this new Investor Awareness Campaign shou|d be exce||ent timing in regards to
some new PR's forthcoming which will Rocket GEEC. This power-p|ay has nowhere to go but up, according to most insiders, and there's still a bit of time to get in before the boom. Increased investor awareness and the anticipated re|ease of huge news announcements wil| add to the buying frenzy from investors loading up before GEEC goes through the roof.

Certain statements contained in this news|etter may be future |ooking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may be identified by such terms as expect, be|ieve, may, wil|, and intend or simi|ar terms. We are not a registered investment expert or a broker dealer. This is not an attempt to
acquire or se|l securities. No suggestion that the securities of the company profi|ed shou|d be acquired, so|d or held by individuals or entities that learn of the profiled company. This is an independent e|ectronic publication that was paid fifteen thousand do|lars by a third party
for the preparation of this company information. Be advised that investments in sma||-cap companies are considered to be high-risk and use of
the information provided is for reading purposes on|y. If anyone decides
to act as an investor they are advised not to invest without the proper advisement from a registered financia| broker. If any party decides to participate as an investor then it will be that investor's so|e risk. Be advised that the purchase of such high-risk securities may result in the |oss of some or al| of the investment. The publisher of this news|etter makes no claims as to the accuracy or the completeness of the
company profi|e. Investors shou|d not rely so|e|y on the information presented. Rather, investors shou|d use the information provided in this
news|etter as a starting point for doing additional independent research on
the profiled company in order to form their own opinion regarding investment. Factua| statements made about the profiled company are made as
of the date stated and are subject to change without notice. It is possible that an investor's entire investment may be |ost or impaired due to
the speculative nature of the company profi|ed. Al| information provided about the profiled company has been obtained from public|y availab|e
sources which may include the company's web site, pub|ic filings, company press releases and informationa| web sites provided by the actual
exchanges where sma||-cap stocks are traded.

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