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Re: Advanced queueing

From: Chris Stephens <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 14:52:04 -0500
Message-ID: <>

thanks! i was more looking for oracle's implementation of queueing not what a queue is. there is someone else that is supposed to be looking at msmq so if i don't do a good job of explaining Oracle's queueing capabilities, well, that's one more thing outside of the database.

from what i understand, the application this is for will be recieving xml files from client applications across the country for processing. the processing will take a significant amount of time so the clients will recieve a 'we got your stuff' message and the queue is meant to implement an order to the processing (there are several files submitted that need to be processed in a certain order)

myself and another person been asked to put on a little demo.

i was being a little sarcastic with the 'barely know how to spell queue' comment. :)

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 19:26:57 +0000, <> wrote:
> I just realized this. This list is a queue.
> We send out an email to the server. The server gets them and sends them out
> in order. You can also think of the common feeder line at the bank(i think
> this is a generic example... dont remember). Its not done in real time. If
> it was done in real time. We would send an email and our screen would
> 'wait', until the emails had been sent out to everyone. Instead, we send out
> an email. Go away and later see that it has been forwarded to the rest of
> the list.
> People queue up(get in line). Each person is helped in order by one of many
> tellers. These are the subscribers. The essentially 'pop' a person from the
> queue and act on their 'message'.
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> > I'm supposed to be giving a demo of Oracle's Advanced Queueing feature

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