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Re: Advanced queueing

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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 19:24:13 +0000
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if you know what a queue is the documentation is sufficient. i read it recently. if you dont than its not very good. the documentation is pretty bloated and doesn't cut to the chase. so if you dont know anything about queuing its a mess to read. Alot of oracle docs are like that....

best bet is to look for articles on 'queues' written by undergraduates computer science teachers. its not the complicated. its basically just a line used for asynchronous communication. (you hit a button and dont get a response right away, the action completes and you come back later to check it out.).

there is a pretty good chapter in the concepts document on 'publish subscribe', which is basically a queue.

User A presses a button. Instead of waiting for the action to complete it goes to a list. A background process of some sort grabs the message from the list in order and operates on it. you use this when the action does not need to take place right away and/or the action will take longer than it is acceptable for the user to wait.

Thats really it. I've never used advanced queueing. We did them in k-shell on my last project to handle data publication and we use them with java and database tables here for processing data.

advanced queuing isn't that advanced. its the same basic concepts. it just does alot of the redundant stuff for you so you write less code. in spite of the volumes of documentation there doesn't appear to be alot to it.

why are you giving a presentation on advanced queuing if you dont know anything about it? -------------- Original message --------------

> I'm supposed to be giving a demo of Oracle's Advanced Queueing feature
> next week and barely know how to spell queue. Besides the official

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